Kristen Painter’s standalone novels

Although I have seven covers, it is actually only five novels and one short story.

Dark Kiss of the Reaper

Beautiful love story between the Angel of Death and a mortal woman.

Heart of Fire

Beautiful, dark and suspenseful love story.

All Fired Up and a followup short story Her Viking Valentine

Another beautiful story of love, desire, betrayal and trust involving a Viking turned Phoenix and condemned to centuries of slavery, consumed by his desire for revenge, and a lovely mortal woman.

Cowboy in the Kitchen

Also known by the name Recipe for Magic is one of my favourite paranormal romance stories from Kristen Painter. I have no idea how to describe the book other than a modern fairy tale for grownups. And I don’t mean that as 18+, adults, I just mean it as a real fairy tale. I would highly recommend this book.

Miss Bramble and the Leviathan

I am a huge fan of Kristen Painter’s work so I literally read everything I could find written by her. Miss Bramble and the Leviathan was very different from her very positive, funny and romantic Nocturne Falls series or dark and serious House of Comarré and Crescent City. It is a very passionate (not explicit) steampunk short story featuring an incredibly capable heroine and a very handsome interesting hero. I read it more than once because it is interesting and gripping. I was pleasantly surprised that Ms Painter managed to achieve such depth of characters and a very nice pace of the story in so few pages. To be honest, I wish she continued with Ms Bramble and Captain Hatch. I could get lost in that world and fly away with them. Again as in her other series and standalone stories, she managed to create a completely new and interesting world. I highly recommend this story and any other of Kristen painter’s works.


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