Miss Frost Ices The Imp : A Nocturne Falls Mystery (Jayne Frost #2) by Kristen Painter

This book was even better than the first one! And I am not just saying that because I’m a big fan.
While in the first book, we were getting to know the characters and setting the scene, in this one, we come back to the familiar setting and familiar characters, some new ones as well. Jayne is a fantastic character and her little cat Spider is adorable. I want him. Then we have a beautiful blond and sunny Cooper and dark and mysterious Greyson. There is more romance in this book than in the previous one, but the suspense part is still the dominant one. I liked a lot seeing so much of Delaney in this book, she is still one of my favourite characters. We also see a lot of Birdie who is one of the best characters from Nocturne Falls, and we see several other familiar characters shortly. Then we meet a completely new character Matilda Sharpe, the magical bee keeper. I am intrigued and I would love to see more of her.
The story has a very nice twist, proper villain and I love the ending. And just like in the previous book, this idea is quite original, but this one is hilarious at times.
And I have to mention that the sweets eaten in this book are unparalleled! How did Kristen Painter think of all of those incredible sweet goodness? I felt like pulling out the apron and getting to work. Just imagine, walking through Nocturne falls and getting a goodies bag from Delaney’s, or those cinnamon rolls from Mummy’s, or Martha Kringle’s fudge from North Pole…
Make sure you have some sweets while reading this book, you will need them.
I recommend the Nocturne Falls series by Kristen Painter. The reading order is: The Vampire’s Mail Order Bride (Nocturne Falls #1), The Werewolf Meets His Match (Nocturne Falls #2), The Gargoyle Gets His Girl (Nocturne Falls, #3), The Professor Woos The Witch (Nocturne Falls, #4), and The Witch’s Halloween Hero (Nocturne Falls #4.5) in Spell of the Ball Anthology, The Werewolf’s Christmas Wish (Nocturne Falls #4.6) in Hex the Halls Anthology, The Vampire’s Fake Fiancée (Nocturne Falls #5), A Vampire’s Valentine Surprise (Nocturne Falls #5.5), The Shifter Romances The Writer (Nocturne Falls #6), and Miss Frost Solves A Cold Case : A Nocturne Falls Mystery (Jayne Frost #1).


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