Miss Frost Saves the Sandman by Kristen Painter

This is the third book in the series and I don’t even know where to start. Maybe by saying this was the best one yet!
I love how the story happens in Nocturne Falls and how we see the other type of supernaturals. We get more familiar with the other side of Nocturne Falls. Nocturne Falls still develops and some of the characters are ever present as one of my favourites – Birdie from the Sherif’s Office. I hope she gets her book some day.
Jayne is a fantastic character. Her cat Spider is a bundle of joy. I am not a cat person but every time I read a Jayne book, I want to get a little black cat. Jayne’s interactions with Grayson and Cooper are very nice but not the focus of the story. Their relationships slowly develop but the romance is on the back burner as the drama occurs. Jayne always saves the day, as she is just awesome.
There is a shocking twist in the end and I cannot wait for the next book.
In general, I find this concept of two parallel series occurring in the same world and the same place and the same time quite unique, unusual and refreshing. I know some other authors have done it before, but I have never been compelled to read the other series as well. With Kristen painter’s Nocturne Falls and Jayne Frost, I literally have no preferences, I just cannot wait for the next book, whichever it is.


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