Nocturne Falls Universe Stories by various guest authors

This is the first round of Nocturne Falls Universe stories by guest authors.

When I heard of Nocturne Falls Universe, I was obviously very happy as Kristen Painter herself cannot write as many books per year as I would like to read. But I was also cautious, because, well, it is a tall order to follow Kristen Painter into her own world and write up to her standards. I received the first two stories: The Truth About Cats And Wolves by Alethea Kontis and Magic’s Song by Sela Carsen and WOW! I read them both in one breath!

The Truth About Cats And Wolves: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story  by Alethea Kontis available for purchase on Amazon

This story follows a Kai, a girl with not yet defined powers and Finn, a werewolf boy running from the Kincaid pack. Their first encounter is electric and intense and the rest of the story is equally intense. The story is beautifully written and the story line is amazing.

We see some of the old well known characters, Hank and Ivy, and we meet some of the kids from the Harmswood school. We get a chance to enter the school as well, which I thought was pretty cool. We also meet a cat boy Owen, Kai’s friend, who I would really like to see in the next book.

Overall, I am very curious of the next books, and I do hope that this is not a one time deal for Alethea Kontis. Not only that her writing is beautiful, but she also managed to capture the atmosphere and the existing characters of Nocturne Falls, as well as create new characters that fit perfectly into the setting created by Kristen Painter.

Magic’s Song: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Sela Carsen available for purchase on Amazon

This story follows Daria and Trick, and I have no idea how to say more without giving spoilers.The story is amazing. It is short, but somehow Sela Carsen managed to write is in such a way that it does not seem short at all. The characters are nicely developed, the background and history explained and it is beautifully written.

This story as well captures the essence and atmosphere of the Nocturne Falls, its existing places and characters and incorporates the new characters perfectly. We see Nick and Willa in this story and a beautiful magical horse, I would definitely like to see again. Again I hope this is not one time deal for this author, and I hope she continues with Nocturne Falls Universe, maybe longer next time.

In conclusion, Kristen Painter was right, this is a nice way to find new authors. I am convinced and hooked, and I already read two books by Sela Carsen and I am considering Woodcutter Sisters by Alethea Kontis. I also cannot wait for more books from Nocturne Falls Universe.

And they came!

The Witch Rescues Her Werewolf: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Cate Dean available for purchase on Amazon

I have to say that after Cats and Wolves and Magic’s Song, this book was extra disappointing for several reasons. The writing was not up to standard and it was not as smooth and flowing like other books. It did not fit into Nocturne Falls in any way. The story was inconsistent with what we already know and the essence of the place was wrong, dark and negative. Sheriff Merrow was portrayed and incapable of keeping peace. There was a horrible villain and his three buddies terrorising women in Nocturne Falls and his father was so powerful that he got away with everything he did??? I don’t think so.

First of all, no one is more powerful than Ellingham family, they practically own the place, and the whole idea is that they created a safe heaven for all supernaturals and Sheriff Hank Merrow upholds the peace with iron fist. They are not human and they do not adhere to human laws. If there was a person that powerful in Nocturne Falls, Kristen Painter would have already mentioned them. And if there was a villain who preys on women, Merrow would have dealt with him after the first time, in whatever manner he saw fit, and no powerful father would be able to interfere or threaten.

Moving on to other issues, physical intimacy, for example. Couples in Nocturne falls never go beyond a toe-curling kiss or naughty thoughts in relation to a particular hottie, and that is why I like to suggest them to my friends teenage kids. Don’t get me wrong, I very much enjoy occasional erotica, but Nocturne Falls is not the place for it.

So I tried to look at the book as a standalone, outside of the perimeters of Nocturne Falls Universe. That made it a bit better. The writing is still not amazing but the story became better. The two characters Harrison and Lidia are both broken in a way. He is a shifter who was unfairly injured, had no support, other shifters avoid him, he is clumsy and has no luck with women. Lidia is a witch who escaped to nocturne Falls from an abusive relationship and to find answers as to why is she loosing her powers. They meet and instantly feel connected and as the story progresses, they become more confident and stronger and better because of each other. Unfortunately, there are still some inconsistencies and the story feels a bit forced.

The Vampire Bounty Hunter’s Unexpected Catch: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Larissa Emerald available for purchase on Amazon

This was a very fun book and I liked it a lot. Larissa Emerald created a new character Camille with her Balroom Dancing Studio and used Nathaniel, a character belonging to her Blood Keeper series, if I understood correctly. Very interesting cross over and I can’t wait to read more. I have just ordered her series to try, I am very curious. The story is supposed to continue in Terror, Minnesota.

It is a very nice story between Camille and Nathaniel, with a nice build up. Alex Cruz and Sheriff Merrow are very well incorporated in the story. There is another character Caroline, CC, Camille’s best friend and the owner of a local pet shop but I cannot remember is she was already there or was invented by Emerald, in any case, I would love to see more of her in future books. Very well written, very nicely situated in Nocturne Falls with all of its atmosphere. I would like to read another story in Nocturne Falls Universe written by Larissa Emerald.

Reaping The Immortal: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Pamela Labud available for purchase on Amazon

I loved this book! And this book was longer than others, full size novel, which is always a plus. Pamela Labud’s writing is beautiful and she managed to project Nocturne Falls with minimal interaction with the place and the existing characters. I was quite surprised to see that she mostly writes contemporary and historical romance, as she did such a great job with paranormal, like that was her main thing.

There are two main characters, Max, a regular immortal and Holly, a reaper. Their story flows beautifully and you cannot help but feel for them and cheer them on. There are several very interesting side characters and a fantastic villain. Even the side characters are well developed and the main characters and the villain are as complex as they can get. Max’s twin brother Mattie and his girlfriend Fiona play a significant role. I would love to see a sequel or another story involving one or two of the side characters, for example Mattie and Fiona. I would also like to read something else of paranormal genre written by Pamela Labud (not involving zombies or fallen angels).

Close Encounters Of The Alien Kind: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Fiona Roarke available for purchase on Amazon

I have mixed feelings about this book. It was very well written and consistent with what we know about Nocturne Falls and some of the characters were very successfully used, but I cannot get over the idea of Aliens in Nocturne Falls. Or the fact that they never heard of Nocturne Falls or supernaturals living on Earth.

Nevertheless, Fiona Roarke incorporated her alien characters and several other places seamlessly. She also solved the issue of the first contact. Story is pretty solid, maybe a bit rushed towards the end but it is still very interesting. Two more stories are announced and I will happily read them. Two main characters are Draeken from Alpha-Prime and Stella, also from Alpha-Prime, but permanently relocated to Earth, now in Alienn, Arkansas.

Draeken is unusually lovable and charming character. Stella, not so much. She was definitely not one of my favourite characters, mostly concerned with herself and her well being, not caring who gets hurt in the process, for example Draeken in this story.

Regardless of my mixed feelings, I am looking forward to the next two books. Two more characters get their stories and I am very curious to see how the stories will play now that Alienn and Nocturne Falls have contact.

My final thoughts on this project are very positive. This was a great idea, as Kristen Painter is only one and her fans, myself included, would like to read a lot more books than she can write. Kristen Painter created this wonderful world that we would all like to visit or live in permanently. Her characters are well developed, complex, strong, intelligent, compassionate and sometimes stubborn, and her stories always have a happy ending, fabulous way to get there and a large number of great side characters, places and pets.

Most of these authors did a great job fitting their stories in the Nocturne Falls Universe, filling in the blanks, adding new characters and writing their stories. I did not like all six books equally, however, some of them were exceptionally good. Alethea Kontis did a fantastic job setting her story in the middle of Nocturne Falls with not only existing characters, but the new ones she seamlessly incorporated in the story. He writing was as Beautiful as Painter’s, but not for one second did I feel like it was forced in order to fulfill the task. I will definitely read her in near future. Same goes for Sela Carsen, fantastic writing and story, with a difference that she very successfully expanded the Nocturne Falls towards outer limits.

I also liked Pamela Labud’s story very much, great characters and very well thought out plot, and although she did not use much of Nocturne Falls settings or the characters, she successfylly managed to capture the essence of the place. Larissa Emerald expanded Nocturne falls from within with new places and characters. It was a great story and I feel compelled to try out her Blood Keeper series. In the end she promises a sequel, so I realised her story is a crossover. I was quite surprised how well she incorporated her existing characters into Kristen Painter’s existing world.

The last book by Fiona Roarke gave me mixed feelings due to aliens in Nocturne Falls but it was really well written and interesting, so I will definitely read the next two books by Roarke. I did not like Cate Dean’s book very much for the reasons mentioned above.

Kristen Painter started the project based on her Nocturne Falls Series and wrote the Foreword for these six books.


New round of Nocturne Falls Universe stories is coming out soon and I am looking forward. It did not start with a bang, but it is getting there.

The Fortuneteller’s Folly: A Nocturne falls Universe Story by Wynter Daniels available for purchase on Amazon

This story is about Darcy Kumar, a fortuneteller who is cursed to die young, and Aiden Becker, a Kachina healer. The whole idea and the story are pretty good and interesting. Due to the nature of the curse and some added problems, this story contains more suspense than the other stories, which was quite nice.

However, there are some fundamental problems in this story. First of all, the writing is not as smooth and fabulous as I expected and the characters are not as strong, independent and lovable as I would like. Additionally, there is this unrealistic insta-love, where a nice buildup would read much better. It improves as the story progresses but I have to admit that it was hard to  read because of it. There is also too much explicit content which does not suit original Nocturne Falls idea. And this bothered me a lot as I happily and without reservations recommended Nocturne Falls series to my friends with young teenage kids, due to its clean non-explicit content.

For example, *SPOILERS* the same day they met, Darcy and Aiden are talking about caring about each other a lot and end up in bed together. The next day they are already falling for each other and planning a future, and the third day she already meets his mother!

There are some additional points of irritation, for example Darcy is so impresses with Aiden’s cooking skills after eating eggs he made for breakfast!? In general, the writing is forced and rushed, and although it gets better, I still could not get over the initial disappointment. Characters are weak, Aiden is like a love-struck puppy and Darcy is just plain irritating with her need to protect him from being hurt by leaving, while she should definitely not be alone while in danger, and while her time would be better used trying to fix her issues instead of just giving up. My first impression was that they had this on and off relationship in the first three days, with the number of times she broke up with him. Fortunately, it does get better as the story progresses, and the good idea, paired with new kind of supernaturals, saved this novel.

Overall, it was okay story, but it would read better outside of the Nocturne Falls Universe.

The Falcon Finds his Mate: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Candace Colt available for purchase on Amazon

This was a nice story but it left me wondering. It did not feel finished. In general, first half is beautifully written and consistent, and second seems a bit like the writer lost herself. Main characters are very lovable and their interactions are mostly. Jess is a sort of psychic and Ryan is a falcon shifter. New breed in Nocturne Falls, which is always welcome. There are some side characters which could have been more developed, in my opinion, Echo, the grandmother and Crealde, the weird cat, because they are very lovable, as well. Then there is Connor, Ryan’s brother and Solange, their very unpleasant mother.

As I mentioned previously, the first half is brilliant, but then at some point after I passed a half, suddenly the story became rushed, and some non-existent issues emerged. For example, we are in Nocturne Falls, why would anyone care or discriminate against shifters?

I appreciate that the author kept any explicit content to bare minimum and subtle enough, but I am not happy about the shifter issue.
Nocturne Falls is a safe happy place of fairy tales and there is no need for any inappropriate activity, such as discrimination, from the main characters. We have villains for that. I think this is the main problem with some of the Nocturne Falls Universe authors, It is not the writing style or wording or the characters, it is the safe atmosphere and magical ambiance created by Kristen Painter that makes Nocturne Falls so beautiful that all of us fans want to move there.

The Trickster Makes a Match: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Bria Quinlan available for purchase on Amazon

I absolutely loved this book! It is one of my favourite Nocturne Falls Universe stories so far. It is warm, lovely, passionate without being explicit, original and very unusual. This story features two main characters of unusual origin for Nocturne Falls, Minx and Tim – they are ordinary humans, completely oblivious to the nature of Nocturne Falls and supernaturals of Nocturne Falls have no idea that they are oblivious! This naturally leads to numerous funny and awkward situations. Especially because it is obvious that little Gus, the baby they are taking care of, is indeed some kind of supernatural.

The romance happens in a relatively short time but the author created such a nice gradual buildup of the situation, it was just lovely to read. As I mentioned, I loved this book and I got completely lost in it. The author managed to create that Nocturne Falls atmosphere that just draws you in and you are happy to stay. This is quite amazing, considering that she did not use any of the familiar characters, but instead created her own.

Minx is a complex character with many layers, as is Tim. However, it takes us a bit longer to get to know him. Calla, Minx’s new friend is a delightful character and I would like to see more of her in future. And I fell in love with baby Gus.

All in all, it is incredible how the author managed to create a good interesting story with nothing more than a buildup of a relationship. There are no villains, no great danger or drama, but a gripping and powerful story about two people who find themselves in a bit of an unusual situation. Amazing.

The Doctor Falls for Her Gargoyle: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Cate Dean available for purchase on Amazon

I approached this novel with an open mind. It took some effort as I did not the author’s first NFU novel The Witch Rescues Her Werewolf. And was I pleasantly surprised! There were still some minor discrepancies but nothing worth mentioning, because the story was great and it was well written. And there is a promise of continuation and also a hint of where it might go. It feels like the author is making her own part of Nocturne Falls with her own characters, here and there featuring the original characters, and it functions successfully.

Author is expanding on the previous story, as the main character Elias, the gargoyle, is a friend and neighbour of a character from the previous novel Lidia, the witch without powers. Unlike Harrison, Eli is actually quite lovable. And Doc Sophie Mead is a kickass heroine who saves her man. I see a trend here and I don’t dislike it. As in previous novel, Sophie is lacking supernatural power. She is a child of two powerful supernaturals who are disappointed in her. But just like Lidia, she is drawing on her willpower and strong personality, even more in this case, as Sophie is an accomplished doctor, healing humans and supernaturals alike. Both Eli and Sophie and well developed and complex. Their chemistry is of the charts.

We meet an array of new characters, and I am guessing that Jack and Tammy are coming back in the next novel. Charles is lovely and I hope he comes back as well. Unfortunately, the rest of the characters we meet for a short time, so there was no time for more complex development, however, unlike the last time, this time, I am actually very much looking forward to the next Cate Dean’s NFU novel.

Invasion of the Alien Snatchers: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Fiona Roarke available for purchase on Amazon

This is a sequel to Close Encounters of the Alien Kind and I it is even better. Additionally, I read You’ve Got Aliens (Alienn, Arkansas Book 1), as this is where the characters come from. It seems that the author has created her own world which she is interlacing with the Nocturne Falls Universe, and so far it has worked well, although, it works much better after reading the Alienn. Strangely enough, the idea of aliens in Nocturne Falls does not seem that strange any more.

This is the story of the Guard on the space craft that crashed in the vicinity of Nocturne Falls, Riker, and Elise, trained soldier and bodyguard, permanently stationed in Alienn, and sent on a rescue mission after the crash. Elise and Riker have a brief but significant history in a form of a brief meeting that has left a great impact on both of them. And after years have passed, they meet again, under very stressful circumstances.

This book is very well written, it is a roller coaster of action, events and emotions, and it takes you through so many places in Nocturne Falls and there a brief interactions with an array of well known characters. There are brief references to Alienn and the Alpha-Prime culture and traditions, as well as some back flashes to past events on the planet. The villain is superb and this is an altogether fabulous book, and series.

As much as this novel can be read as a standalone, I cannot emphasise enough the completeness of the experience the first book adds. I wholeheartedly recommend reading Alienn, Arkansas Book 1 first. Together, the Alienn and the two NFU novels make a great series. Can’t wait for the third novel.

The Nymph Next Door: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by J.L. Farey available for purchase on Amazon

This was a cute short novel about Laurel, a wood nymph and Aidan, a shifter (kind of shifter gets revealed later) from the Sherif’s office. Laurel is new to Nocturne Falls, just moves in as the story begins.

The story is well written and it has a nice flow, the romance is quite cute and I like the development, as it has a nice pace and it is not rushed. The only remark is the abrupt ending. I wish the author gave the story a couple more pages, in order to achieve the nice flow that she had throughout the story. Laurel’s dog Bailey is so lovable I wished I had one just like him. And then there is Horatio, the tree.

This was a very enjoyable read from a new author and I would be quite happy to read more Nocturne Falls Universe stories from this author.

How Knot to Marry a Vampire: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Laurie London available for purchase on Amazon

This was a delightful read and it got me interested in Laurie London. Not only that she beautifully wrote this book, but she managed to capture the spirit of Nocturne Falls perfectly. I immediately started reading one of author’s previous books, that is how impressed I was with her writing, story telling and character development.

This novel is a suspense romance featuring Penelope, a medium and Luka, a vampire and an art dealer. Their romance is easy and beautiful, and with a lot of chemistry. Penelope is brave, resourceful and intelligent young woman, and Luka is sweet, charming and insightful. Both of them are extremely lovable characters and I wish there was a sequel. There is a beautiful knitting shop introduced, that I would love to visit, and a couple of very interesting side characters, Ghost Reverend and aunt Sylvia. The author takes us to several places in Nocturne Falls, and includes several of our well known and loved characters created by Kristen Painter.

This was truly a great book, possibly my new Nocturne Falls Universe favourite. Additionally, it seems that I found another author I will read a follow regularly.

The Mermaid Catches Her Mate: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Jax Cassidy available for purchase on Amazon

I was so curious about this novel but unfortunately quite disappointed with it. The story did not flow, there were some inconsistencies, and the main characters did not have a good communication. However, the author did make a very nice use of Nocturne Falls locations, if not the some of the existing characters.

This is a story about Luna, a mermaid, and Ace, a magician and some kind of ancient immortal fae, but it is not clear what kind exactly because it is not mentioned beyond the name. Their chemistry is great and that part of the story is very well described, but I would expect a better connection between characters, which usually happens with that kind of chemistry. Sadly, in this case, Luna and Ace remain quite secretive with each other, which later causes problems and creates main twist in the plot. I think this story could have been much better had the author used the villain to build the suspense, instead inserting a villain as an afterthought, making him mostly insignificant.

Another thing I did not appreciate in this story was that she loosely based the mermaid folklore on Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid, which made Luna a very sad, damsel in distress character, waiting for a prince to love her and save her from her tragic fate. And although the author somewhat managed to correct Andersen’s tragic ending, I was left wondering why she chose not to empower the mermaid and completely erase Andersen’s misogynistic depiction of a love starved woman who is willing to give up everything, including her identity and life, in order to win the love of a man who basically did not care about her. In this story, she laid a good base for it, as the man in question was smitten by the mermaid, and he made it obvious to her, but still Luna chose the path which was completely illogical and inconsistent with what could and should have been.

I would have liked this story a lot more if the author gave Luna more independence and strength, because she certainly had a potential for it.

Magic’s Fate: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Sela Carsen available for purchase on Amazon

The first book in Nocturne Falls by this author Magic’s Song was beautiful. I had very high expectations for this one, but unfortunately they were not fulfilled. The qualities I fell in love with in the first book were not present here completely. Or maybe I would like this book much better if I didn’t have the pleasure of reading the first one.

This is the book about Carina, a soothsayer, and Rodion, a sorcerer and a brother of Daria who we met in the first book. Their attraction is great and Carina is a very lovable character, but Rodion not so much. I can’t really describe what I was missing in this book, but the story seemed a bit rushed and at times unclear and difficult to follow. I was also not happy about the authors presentation of Cole, Kristen Painter’s character, who did not seem as strong and fabulous as he was originally meant to be. I did, however, love her little twist which included Van, the dragon.

A Dragon Speaks Her Name: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Kira Nyte available for purchase on Amazon

This is a story about a dragon and his potential lifemate, Zareh and Kaylae. I struggled to finish it. The writing was good and the story was fairly interesting, but the characters were not very tolerable.

Let me start with Kaylae, a prototype of damsel in distress, a woman who cannot lift a finger to protect herself, constantly on the run until she meets a big strong protector to take care of her. And Zareh is barely keeping it together, almost loosing control from all the desire for Kaylae and overwhelming need to protect her and mate with her. Zareh’s best friend is Alazar, a compulsive gambler, and a dragon, of course. Kaylae’s late father thought that the best way to protect his daughter would be to teach her to run, not trust anyone and keep her completely in the dark about anything relevant that might help her protect herself, like history of her clan and family, maybe some self-defence, or any knowledge of who is after her and what is she up against. She is up against Baroquet, but it is not clear who they are or why they are after until nearly the end of the book. Furthermore, Kaylae moans from pleasure when eating any food, like she never eat food in her life. Makes no sense.

The writing style is good and the way the book starts, it is gripping, interesting and suspensefull, then it becomes flat, and after about two thirds it picks up in a completely different, almost cheerful tone and faster pace, that it almost feels like I have missed something, although the end was somewhat better. And there is a very abrupt appearance of relationships and feelings that were not explained and properly constructed, there is no build up, just nothing and then suddenly something. It was not one of my favourites in the series, however, it features Willa and Nick, which is a plus.

More about Nocturne Falls Universe on Goodreads. The books are introduced by Foreword from Kristen Painter.


Finally, the new batch of ten Nocturne Universe stories is here. Some of the stories are cross over from other series, some are continuation of stories previously written by the same authors and some are new stories written by new authors. I anticipated these book for a while now and they fulfilled all my expectations and some. This is a collection of great books, and so far my favourite batch of Nocturne Falls Universe stories. Most of the stories promise continuation and some of the authors started creating their own series within the Nocturne Falls Universe.

The Alien Who Fell To Earth: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Fiona Roarke available for purchase on Amazon

This is the third Nocturne Falls Universe Story by this author and it follows Close Encounters Of The Alien Kind, story of the prisoner, and  Invasion of the Alien Snatchers, story of the guard.

The final rescue story focuses on the pilot of the space ship that crashed in Nocturne Falls and his rescuer. This was the best story of the three, because it is longer, more detailed, the romantic aspect is more wonderful, and it contains a secondary story.

The main characters Holden and Victoria are delightful. Holden is suffering a memory loss and Victoria is helping him get through it. Their interactions are funny and serious and sizzling. Victoria is strong, independent and inventive character. She can do anything. Holden, however incapacitated, is still there holding his own. Great characters indeed.

The secondary characters, Astrid, the accidental passenger and Bubba aka. Bartholomew Angus Thorne, the tracker from the Royal Guard sent to find her, are equally interesting and have equally sizzling encounters, regardless of their story being slightly shorter. The author managed to incorporate all the important details for character development.

The world of Alienn and Alpha-Prime is also being explored and we learn more about it.

The interactions of all four characters with the Nocturne Falls  inhabitants are really well written and incorporated into both worlds. This book features more Nocturne Falls characters than the previous ones and although the rescue is complete, I hope the author is planning more of the cross-over stories.51OW+aO84xL

The three stories are available as one book Aliens Actually (A Nocturne Falls universe Collection) available for purchase on Amazon as paperback


The Falcon Tames the Psychic: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Candace Colt available for purchase on Amazon

This book is a sequel to The Falcon Finds his Mate and it features Connor, Ryan’s brother, both of whom we met in the previous book. I did not like the plot build up in the previous book, so in that sense, this one I found better. Unfortunately, the ending was quite anticlimactic, however the buildup was nice and the character development was really good. It was just missing a proper villain.

We meet Connor once again, and he has changed quite a lot. I can say that I liked him even better than Ryan in the previous book. Their mother Solange is back and she is delightfully difficult. The main female character is Brianna who comes to Nocturne Falls under false pretenses. I did not warm up to her very much and I am not sure why.

However, this did not impact on the wonderful chemistry between Connor and Brianna. The chemistry between the two main characters is definitely the best part of the book. Although the interactions between Connor and his mother Solange come close second. Solange is delightfully manipulative and strong willed. I absolutely adore her.37857793

Both of these stories are available for purchase on Amazon as one paperback The Falcon Shifter’s Heart (Nocturne Falls Falcon #1-2).



When Tinker Met Bell: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Alethea Kontis available for purchase on Amazon

This is one of the cutest, sweetest and warmest books in the Nocturne Falls Universe. The book follows The Truth About Cats and Wolves, the first book by this author and one of the best books in the Nocturne Falls Universe, and it starts in equally captivating way. We even see Kai, Finn and Owen shortly, but this book is not about them.

This book is about Bellamy, a fairy, and Tinker, a goblin, who go together to Harmswood Academy in Nocturne Falls and have been in love with each other since the first moment they met in school. They have many obstacles to overcome, and it is amazing to follow the story which features so much love, friendship, dedication and determination.

The story happens mostly in Hallowed Bean, the coffee shop, Harmswood Academy and the Goblin City, and it is interesting how the author gives us detailed description of the places and adds to the existing world. She set a really nice premise full of possibilities for future stories.

Tinker’s friends Hubble, Sam and Natalie are the best friends anyone could ask for, loyal, caring, helpful and supportive. Sam and Natalie are characters from a short story created several years ago The Were Four available for purchase on Amazon. 51PKYdUxZuL

It is an incredibly adorable and comical short story. It features four boys who have their own band and play not so nice music. Peter, Romeo, Quinn, Sam, four lame shapeshifters (platypus, mosquito, piranha, sloth), and Natalie, Sam’s sister are the featured characters. There are no other characters in the story, and they are not necessary. I always get amazed when a storyteller is capable of telling a full complete story in so few pages.
The reason I read this story was to learn more about Sam and Natalie, and although this story dates several years prior to the creation of Nocturne Falls, they fit perfectly. I wish, however, that the author finds a way to include Peter, Quinn and Romeo in future NFU stories. I would like to read more about the whole group.

All of the characters are well developed and the world is beautifully mapped out. The author’s writing is superb and I’m hoping for more of these books. I like her take on Nocturne Falls very much, especially because she focuses on the Harmswood Academy in such a way that she extends Nocturne Falls from within.

A Dragon Gambles For His Girl: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Kira Nyte available for purchase on Amazon

This is the second book in Nocturne Falls Universe by this author and it features Alazar, a dragon a compulsive gambler we met in the previous book A Dragon Speaks Her Name about Alazar’s best friend Zareh and dragon keeper Kaylae. As some larger aspects of the story were not finished in the previous book, there were certain expectations heavily weighing on this book.

The main female character is Ariah, and she experiences similar traumatic events involving her father as Kaylae did in the previous book. However, this book was much better, the writing was impeccable, the characters well developed, the world well describes, and all of the unresolved overlaying aspects of the story well explained. Alazar is a wonderful character, as is Ariah. Most of the things are not what they seem, and the final resolution is quite explosive.

We finally meet the main villains and all of the history is explained and the first story makes much more sense now. Zareh is prominently featured in this story, and we also get to meet two more dragons Syn and Cade, the leader. There is a lot of confrontation happening is this book and the action kept me breathless and glued to the seat. I did not expect to like this books so much but it turned out to be one of my favourites. There is a hint that there might be more stories and I could not welcome them more.

The Groom Chases His Unicorn: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Jax Cassidy available for purchase on Amazon

This book follows The Mermaid Catches Her Mate, the first book written by this author in the Nocturne Falls Universe. I did not like the first book very much but I absolutely loved this one. This book is about Keke, a unicorn shifter we met in the previous book. She is best friends with Luna, and quite lonely after Luna’s permanent departure from Nocturne Falls. She has Professor Hyde, a talking owl, and one of the most adorable characters. Her neighbour Stasia appears quite distant and not very friendly. And then the story starts with the arrival of Rochester, aka Rock, Dr. Doolitle type of a veterinarian.

They seem to have a very unresolved past together, and the story deals with that issue, as well as friendship with Stasia. There are no villains, and no obstacles, just people trying to communicate their feelings and develop relationships. It is a beautiful and funny romantic story. It is well written and characters are well developed. The author made a great use of Nocturne Falls setting and her previous additions to the Nocturne Falls world.

The story is a very nice continuation of the author’s idea and I hope she continues with Stasia. Unlike Luna who I did not enjoy that much, Keke is a wonderful, smart, proud, independent, innovative and lovable character. I could easily be convinced to feel the same way about Stasia, as she was a great supporting character. Rock is a wonderful character as well, and his determination, kindness and compassion are heartwarming. Professor Hyde is the best character and could only be compared to Spider, Jayne Frost’s talking cat.51lvT3SwUzL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_

Both of these stories are available for purchase on Amazon as one paperback Mermaids & Unicorns, Oh My: A Nocturne Falls Universe Collection


The Genies Double Trouble: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Wynter Daniels available for purchase on Amazon

This is the second book by this author in Nocturne Falls. It follows The Fortuneteller’s Folly, which I did not enjoy it that much. However, this book was quite the opposite, it was really nice. The main characters from the previous book do not appear in this one, and that was nice as well.

The story revolves around Mallory, the Tarot card reader, her sister Jordan, who understands animals and Cyrus, a genie from a magic lamp. That said, there is no love triangle or anything like that, but Jordan is featured so prominently that she surpassed a label of a side character.

There are several facets to the story. The main story is between Mallory and Cyrus, and it is a nice story, but it would be better if Cyrus managed to tamper down his need to express his desire for Mallory. This is actually the only criticism I have of this novel. There is a story following Mallory and Jordan’s relationship, which has been quite rocky and the author managed to portray a complex relationship between siblings in a very realistic and human way. Then there is life Jordan left behind, a life consisting of her compassionate relationship with animals, one in particular, and a life that also contained a villain. I have to say, the villain in this story is so evil, probably one of the most evil villain in all Nocturne Falls.

Overall, the author did a great job telling this story, events flow seamlessly, the characters are likable, and the villain you just have to hate. I enjoyed it very much.36308693


Both stories are also available as one book Magic, Manicures, and Mayhem: A Nocturne Falls Universe Collection available for purchase on Amazon as paperback


Magic’s Promise: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Sela Carsen available for purchase on Amazon

This is the third book by this author in the Nocturne universe by this author and it follows Magic’s Song, which was a fantastic book and Magic’s Fate, which was unfortunately not as good as the first one, so naturally, I was curious to see which way this book will go and I was not disappointed as this was the best one so far.

This is a story of Katya, a witch, and Danil, some kind of a mage and a former member of mythical Brotherhood of Mysteries. They knew each other as children, as their parents arranged for them to be married when they grow up. This did not happen as Katya fled their home town and hid with her aunt in Nocturne Falls.

What I liked most about this story is how two of them maintained a pan pal friendship independent from their families and the arrangements, since childhood until present, but neither one of them is interested in the marriage their parents arranged. Their friendship stood through the test of time, but it is funny how they underestimated their feelings for each other. This adds to the romantic development of the story.

There are trials and tribulations and evil people after them. The story is as exciting as it is romantic, and I enjoyed every page. I especially enjoyed the author’s use of Nocturne Falls setting and the original characters of Nick and Ivan, as well a the characters created by the author in the previous two books, and additions to the Nocturne Falls world, which are all prominently featured in this story. The author develops the extras she created and unlike most of the other Nocturne Falls Universe books, her books do not resemble to standalone books within the Nocturne Falls Universe, but to an actual series within that Universe.

The Nymph Takes Nashville: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by J.L. Farey available for purchase on Amazon

This is the second story by this author in Nocturne Falls Universe and it follows the book The Nymph Next Door, which was absolutely fabulous. This story is equally fabulous and it continues the story of Laurel, a wood nymph and Aidan, a bear shifter from the Sherif’s office.

In this story we get to know them better, we get to know their friends and family better, as well as the story of Laurel’s beautiful dog. This story does not contain a villain, as the first one, but is more focused on the relationships and resolving various issues. There is more focus on the side characters than in the first story and it contributed greatly to the world building and the character development.

Is is beautifully written and the characters are well developed. The author has set the characters firmly within Nocturne Falls, so even when they temporarily leave, it is expected of them to return where they belong. I really enjoyed both of the stories and I hope there will be more.

The Shaman Charms the Shifter: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Larissa Emerald available for purchase on Amazon

This is the author’s second book in Nocturne Falls Universe, following The Vampire Bounty Hunter’s Unexpected Catch. I quite liked her first book, and I had high hopes for this one. The book was pretty good, however it was missing the action featured in the previous book.

The story revolves around leopard shifter Sasha, who is suffering from a curse, and Kianso, a shaman who renounced his gift after a family tragedy. Two of them accidentally meet in Nocturne Falls and are instantly drawn to each other. I wish there was more of a buildup instead, however, the story is warm proper romance which relies on love conquers all. There are no proper villains in this story, but many obstacles.

The author made a great use of the Nocturne Falls world and characters, as well as one of her own characters, Seth, the angel from her Divine Tree Guardians series. The witches from the Nocturne Falls are prominently featured and there are series of interactions between them and the two main characters.




Both stories are also available as one book Under The Nocturne Moon: A Nocturne Falls Universe Collection available for purchase on Amazon as paperback




Merry & Bright: A Christmas Anthology (Nocturne Falls Universe) available for purchase on Amazon

The Anthology contains nine brand new Nocturne Falls Universe stories by nine Nocturne Falls Universe authors, and it is dedicated to Christmas holiday spirit:

Have Yourself a Merry Little Alien: A Nocturne Falls Universe Short Story by Fiona Roarke

This is the fourth story relating to Aliens from Alienn, Arkansas, and it is a story about Draeken and Stella from Close Encounters Of The Alien Kind. This was the first rescue mission in Nocturne Falls, where they met again after many years, fell in love and got married. Now they are settled in Alienn and have just purchased a house in Nocturne falls for holidays where they are celebrating Christmas. All the rest is just pure love, friendship and holiday spirit. Nice addition to the series. There are two stories in between Invasion of the Alien Snatchers and The Alien Who Fell To Earth. All three rescue stories are also published in one volume Aliens Actually (A Nocturne Falls universe Collection). They are best read in order and complemented by the author’s Alienn, Arkansas series, You’ve Got Aliens and How to Lose an Alien in 10 Days. I love this author.

The Wizard’s Mistletoe Magic: A Nocturne Falls Universe Short Story by Jax Cassidy

This story is the third one in Nocturne Falls Universe by this author. It follows The Mermaid Catches Her Mate, where we meet Kearney for the first time and The Groom Chases His Unicorn. Kearney, wizard and Ace’s bodyguard, is on holiday in Nocturne Falls where he meets an artist Kaia. The rest is a beautiful heartwarming love story.

A Dragon’s Christmas Mayhem: A Nocturne Falls Universe Short Story by Kira Nyte

This is a story of Zareh and Kaylae from A Dragon Speaks Her Name. Very lovable Alazar and Ariah from A Dragon Gambles For His Girl are featured as well, visiting for Christmas. As far as I am concerned, they are what saved this story. I find both, Zareh and Kaylae extremely annoying, lacking communication skills, overloaded with personal insecurities and overall quite irresponsible, or maybe lacking common sense. Actually, they are a pretty good match. The story is based on all of those flaws, because without them, there would be no story. I find it amazing that the author can create incredibly annoying and incredibly lovable characters in the same world and keep the consistency so well throughout the books.

The Mistletoe Misstep: A Nocturne Falls Universe Short Story by Wynter Daniels

This is the third story by this author in the Nocturne Falls Universe. It follows The Fortuneteller’s Folly and The Genies Double Trouble. The three stories are not connected and can be read in any order. I have mixed feelings about this author. while I loved the second story, I really didn’t like the first one, but this one I like the least. Amethyst is the main character here, and she is completely spineless, insecure and easily manipulated by her selfish and inconsiderate mother. I am absolutely surprised that anyone could be interested in such a pathetic creature, let alone Dustin, who is a great guy, strong (not only physically), independent and, unlike Amethyst, more than capable of dealing with his own problems. I expected a happy ending from a Christmas story and I got one, however, this story also made me angry, sad and disappointed.

The Psychics Say I Do: A Nocturne Falls Universe Short Story by Candace Colt

This is a story about Jess and Ryan from The Falcon Finds his Mate and Brianna and Connor (Ryan’s brother) from The Falcon Tames the Psychic, and their pre-wedding predicaments. It is a wonderful and warm story of love, friendship and reconciliation, and definitely my favourite out of the three stories. I loved how the author incorporated so many of the original Nocturne Falls characters and locations. The story is beautifully written and a real gem. These novels are best read in order as each story builds up on the previous one.

The Meddlesome Misadventures of Merri and Bright: A Nocturne Falls Universe Short Story by Alethea Kontis

This is one of my favourite Nocturne Falls Universe authors. Her previous books are The Truth About Cats And WolvesWhen Tinker Met Bell and The Were Four, which features related characters from the second book. The books somewhat related and some of the characters appear in more books, they are best read in order. As the previous two, the story involves the students of Harmswood academy and most of it happens there. This story had the best description so I decided to keep it:

“Fairy Merri Larousse never intended to become one half of a famous prankster/matchmaking duo with winter elf Polaris Brighton. Little did they know, the best match they would make would be their own!”

This author really moves me with her stories and she makes me laugh. It is always a surprise what is going to happen, the characters are always new and refreshing and her writing is amazing. I absolutely loved this story.

The Sorcerer’s Christmas Miracle: A Nocturne Falls Universe Short Story by Cate Dean

This story features Tammi, Lidia’s best friend (from The Witch Rescues Her Werewolf, book about Lidia and Harrison), and Jack the sorcerer, both of whom we met in the second book The Doctor Falls for Her Gargoyle about Elias and Sophie. At the end of the second book, it was absolutely expected to their story next. Unfortunately, this book prominently features Lidia and Harrison, and Harrison being the most unbearable character created by this author, Lidia being only slightly less annoying. However, this did not manage to taint the beautiful story of Tammi and Jack, both of whom are very lovable characters. Books are best read in order.

The Witch’s Snow Globe Wish: A Nocturne Falls Universe Short Story by Larissa Emerald

This is the third book in the Nocturne Falls Universe by this author and it is a standalone just like the previous two, The Vampire Bounty Hunter’s Unexpected CatchThe Shaman Charms the Shifter. The first two books can be read in any order but this book should be read last as it features Nathaniel and Camille from the first book. The book features Telia, a witch, and Jake, a vampire and Nathaniel’s brother. There are a lot of unresolved issues between Jake and Nathaniel and between Jake and Telia. The story is of love and forgiveness and it is beautifully written. I only wish it was a bit longer.

Magic’s Frost: A Nocturne Falls Universe Short Story by Sela Carsen

This is one of the most prolific author in the Nocturne Falls Universe, giving us the fourth story after Magic’s Song, which was a great book, Magic’s Fate, which was not my favourite, and Magic’s Promise, which was even better than the first one. These books can be read in any order, although some of the characters appear in other books as well.

This book features Dima, a werewolf, and Elin, winter elf. Dima spends every morning in hallowed bean waiting for Elin, to shy to talk to her. They finally talk in the aftermath of an incident and the rest is a cute love story. I would like to see a longer novel with these two characters as so far they are my favourites from the Magic series.


This began as my least favourite batch of Nocturne Falls Universe stories. Perhaps I started with the wrong stories. There were too many inconsistencies and some of the characters were just awful or annoying. The only saving grace was wonderful Alethea Kontis whose stories are always beautifully written, consistent in facts, and  with lovable characters that you want to care about, and I knew that her book is coming so I continued, and I am glad I did because this time Kira Nyte outdid herself with an outstanding story. So, two stories were great. Here are the books in the order I read them.

The Yin to His Yang: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Wynter Daniels available for purchase on Amazon

This is the third story in the Nocturne Falls Universe by this author and I am almost seeing a pattern, meaning that I might really like the next book. I find a certain lack of consistency in this author. First book I didn’t like much, second I loved and this one I didn’t like much.

This story focuses on Stevie, a witch with tons of baggage who is more concerned with saving stray cats than solving her own problems. I mean, cats are lovely and if you do this to help, instead to avoid other stuff, I would not even comment on it. I am talking a type of women who willingly enters a harmful relationship thinking her love will fix the guy. Therefore, Stevie who can’t fix herself but thinks she should save everything and everyone else, did not really inspire me to care about her. Griffin was even worse, his baggage is based on unconfirmed information he never bother to check, and one personal mistake which now define his whole set of values. Coupled with him being a code enforcement officer who takes his work wherever he goes, made him just a complete jerk I did not really want to read about. It was a struggle to get through the book. On many pages I caught myself rolling eyes and saying “oh please”. I mean he is alone, no friends, no relationship, no one cares abut him, at least that is the impression I got, and his first instinct is to attack everyone he meets and point out to their mistakes. And while he does that, he contemplates how aone he is. Disguisting character.

Then inconsistencies… All the Nocturne Falls fans know that there is only one rule, and that is not to tell ordinary people and outsiders about the existence of supernatural beings, especially in Nocturne Falls. So what does Steve do? She explains all about witches to a complete ordinary person and an outsider all about witches, the day after they met. And she thinks it is all good as long as he does not think it’s real.

And another one of my favourites is that all Griffin wants to do is evict Stevie and sell the house as soon as possible but he is hoping that she will not dislike him after that. Need I say more?

If you like helpless heroines who barely take responsibility for anything in their lives but spent lifetime of guilt for something that they could not influence in any way, and annoying irritating reluctant saviours, this is the book for you.

Broccoli & Broomsticks: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Jennifer Fischetto available for purchase on Amazon

This is the first book in  the Nocturne Falls Universe from this author and I am not sure that I want to read more as I was unable to complete this book. I have never rated a book this low and I hope I never will again. And I will explain why. But firstly I would like to clarify trhat there is nothing wrong with the author’s writing style, it is the content and the opinions the author conveys in her writing that made me drop the book like a hot potato.

It started well enough girl goes out with his brother, brother gets turned into zombie and she brings him home to tell the family so they can all together find a cure. this is where all starts going horribly downhill. We meet the girl’s family. First we have the girl, Aria, the only witch with no powers in a family of powerful witches. She has a sister and two brothers, I did not bother with the names. Then there is mother, father and a grandmother and they all live together in one house. It seems that none of them can control their powers when they get upset and the family could not be more disfunctional, unsupportive, and for the lack of better word, disguisting. There is absolutely no love or special relationship between anyone in the house. Mother gets upset and unreasonable a lot and then she causes hurricanes or storms or something. Father is overly annoyed with the mother so he never pays attention to anything she says or does. The older brother is only concerned about his new car. The youger brother is a bit stupid and the grandmother alternates between judgemental and demented. Exactly the type of family I want to read about. Not. Ever.

Okay, so all of that was based on few pages, just first impressions, and I was ready to continue and give the book a chance regardless of the wanton distruction caused by this family’s unrestrained powers which is a major discrepancy from the main rules of Nocturne Falls. What broke my will to continue is when Aria’s sister who is a few years older, twenty or twenty one, in any case adult, she comes home and anmounces that she is pregnant. next 10% of the book mostly concerns judgemental usupportive rants from various members of the family regarding the pregnancy: Who is the father? She is so stupid? How could she do this to us/me? and on and on in that tone.

Naturally, the author has a right to express her viewpoint on that matter but that does not mean that I have to read it. I think this kind of judgemental opinionated writing is simply irresponsible as young adults might read this book and some of them might be in a similar situation. Freedom of choice goes both ways and it is no one’s business who the father is unless the woman decides to disclose it. For all we know she might have been raped and not ready to disclose it. I have no idea what happened because I refused to read further, but I doubt there was anything the author could have done after this to make it readable for me, not even broccoli eating zombie.

The Princes Protects Her Huntsman: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Kira Nyte available for purchase on Amazon

This book was an unexpected surprise. Since it was the fourth one in the Nocturne Falls Universe following A Dragon Speaks Her NameA Dragon Gambles For His Girl, and A Dragon’s Christmas Mayhem from Merry & Bright: A Christmas Anthology (Nocturne Falls Universe) following dragons and their keepers, I was expecting another dragon/keeper story. The previous stories were good, so I expected a good story not a great one, and I was very surprised to find a great story about faeries and shifters that completely swallowed me. I enjoyed immensely and it is probably one of my favourites in the series.

The main character is Rhyannon, a runaway fairy princes in hiding, and Arrick, a troubled and cursed man with a pure heart. Most of the story plays out in Nocturne Falls, where the author made an amazing use of the existing characters and locations, and managed to create a true Nocturne Falls atmosphere. The story is a bit darker than usual but the topic would not allow it any other way. The author created a mean and cruel villain who dictated the tone of the story and put our heroes through hellish times.

Rhyannon is an amazing strong and kind person who is trying to get by until the day she can return home and restore life to her fairy kingdom. Arrick is cursed and not in charge of some of his actions, but he is willing to do whatever it takes to protect the one he loves. Together they face evil and fight against it. The author masterfully guided the plot to keep me on the edge of the seat biting my nails. It was a rough ride and I enjoyed it immensely.

Besphinxed: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Alethea Kontis available for purchase on Amazon

I highly anticipated the next book from this author as she is one of my favourites. After reading The Truth About Cats And WolvesWhen Tinker Met BellThe Were Four (the short story companion relating to some of the side characters, and The Meddlesome Misadventures of Merri and Bright from Merry & Bright: A Christmas Anthology (Nocturne Falls Universe), which I enjoyed greatly, I wanted more. And it is quite possible that she wrote the best story so far.

Main characters are Owen, the cursed cat shifter we met in the first and second story, and Heather, the gothwitch and the villain from the first story, who was also featured in the other stories. This was an unlikely match, but it turned out to be a great one as they overcome their challenges one by one. Nothing is as it seems when it comes to Owen and Heather, especially Heather, who managed to hide a kind and caring heart underneath her cold and arrogant exterior.

There was a surprising character Efthimia, inspired by the author’s family history, and I will say no more, as it’s best you discover her yourself. As in the first book, there is an element of Greek and Egyptian mythology, which was quite interesting. At the end of the book, the author wrote a few words about her inspirations for this story and some of her family history. I found that part very enlightening and it adds to the mythological part of the story.

This was a great story and one of the few that does not require complete Nocturne Falls, but it does require the previous four stories for character development and the world building.

More about Nocturne Falls Universe is available on Goodreads. The books are introduced by Foreword from Kristen Painter.


The Dragon’s Spellbound Alien: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Fiona Roarke available for purchase on Amazon

I was highly anticipating this book as I am a big fan of this author, her spin on Nocturne Falls and her Alpha-Prime aliens from Alienn, Arkansas series. I especially love how she managed to interweave two series so seamlesly that they make perfect sense.

This is already her fifth story in Nocturne Falls following the three rescue stories Close Encounters Of The Alien KindInvasion of the Alien Snatchers and The Alien Who Fell To Earth in which we meet Bubba and Astrid who are the starting point for this story. There is also  a short story Have Yourself a Merry Little Alien from Merry & Bright: A Christmas Anthology (Nocturne Falls Universe). The stories are best read in order and complemented by the author’s Alienn, Arkansas series, You’ve Got Aliens and How to Lose an Alien in 10 Days.

This story starts with Bubba and Astrid’s new business in Nocturne Falls offering psychic readings. Since they got married and decided to settle in Nocturne Falls, as it was recently agreed between their Fearless Leader and Sheriff Merrow as an acceptable option for aliens from Alpha-Prime, they also wanted to make people happy. So they opened a second business of matchmaking supernaturals from Nocturne Falls with their fellow aliens. Some of their employees already signed up for the service and it was only a matter of time before the locals start signing up as well.

Bianca came to Earth as a baby and she grew up in Alienn. The selection of available partners in Alienn was not impressive and her movement was always limited to Alienn, so she jumps at the opportunity to move to Nocturne Falls, get a new interesting job, meet new people, and increase her chances of meeting someone. So she also signs up for the matchmaking service.

Warrick and Victor came to Nocturne Falls as children with their adoptive mother, hoping to find a place where they would fit in. Their mother is a witch who felt sympathy for two hybrid supernaturals, Warrick half-dragon, half-human, and Victor, half-vampire, half-human, so she took them in from an orphanage for hybrid supernaturals somewhere in Europe. As they grew up and did not start showing interest in settling down, she gets desperate and signs them up for matchmaking service.

This story is about Bianca and Warrick, and I sincerely hope that the next one will be Victor. This was a beautiful love at first sight romance. I inhaled the story in one breath.

The Dragon’s Magical Bride: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Tina Moss and Yelena Casale available for purchase on Amazon

This was an average story with nice enough idea but unlikable characters and full of consistencies. The main characters are Mirna, the druid and Danila, the dragon. Considering this was the first story in Nocturne Falls Universe by this authors’ duo, I will give them a benefit of a doubt and possibly read the next book.

Mirna is ignorant and irresponsible. For example, she puts a love spell on a person and when things go bad, as was to be expected when playing with people’s free will, she refers to it as a simple mistake, hates the person and cannot believe that she ever found him attractive! That is wrong on so many levels. Not once she thinks, oh, interfering with people’s free will is wrong and I should have never done it. Furthermore, she is not rushing at all to get the love spell neutralised from that poor bastard. Another example is later on when she sees a dragon, and tries to protect her friend, another dragon, from a dragon he is related to. How ignorant do you have to be to think that a family of dragons would allow some unknown dragon to threaten them in their backyard? I have no idea if these inconsistencies were plot fillers or what, but for me these were just huge points of irritation.

Danila is also quite irresponsible. He breaks an almost irreplaceable magical stone and then feels really bad about it for a very short time, never even suggesting replacing it. Mirna is exceptionally forgiving when it comes to that incident.

Danila is also very shy about being a dragon. Why? There is no need for hiding in Nocturne Falls from other supernaturals, more specifically from Mirna. And moreover, his family is so incredibly annoying that they would make me change the continent, not just a town. His mother’s mood swings are equally annoying, ranging from criticising and nagging to loving and understanding.

Mirna and Danila were exceptionally close friends since young age, until Mirna left town for greener pastures and completely cut ties with Danila. Now she is back and completely shocked finding out how much her departure has affected him. Really??? Were they close friends or not? How can a departure of a very close friend or the closest friend not affect someone?

Then there is a romance, a very forced flat romance, not sparkling great romance, just two undecided people who might or might have not ended up together, and I have to admit that I could not make myself care about them. On the positive side, this was one of the rare books in the series that went exploring the actual falls of Nocturne Falls.

More about Nocturne Falls Universe is available on Goodreads. The books are introduced by Foreword from Kristen Painter.



The Dragon Falls For The Fairy Godmother: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Larissa Emerald available for purchase on Amazon

This is the fourth story by this author in the Nocturne Falls Universe, following The Vampire Bounty Hunter’s Unexpected CatchThe Shaman Charms the Shifter, and The Witch’s Snow Globe Wish in Merry & Bright: A Christmas Anthology (Nocturne Falls Universe). As with the previous stories, the reading order is not of essence because these are mostly standalone stories and do not follow the same characters. The main characters are Erika, a fairy godmother in making who ran away to Nocturne Falls away from being forced into marriage of her parents choosing, and Marshall, a dragon shifter temporarily residing in Nocturne Falls who makes a living by spying on supernaturals for someone mysterious and using his creative glass blowing hobby as a cover.

Just the description of the main characters hints at the overload of information in this story and it is not an exaggeration. There are several other characters who seemed more or less important, but their level of importance was not clear until the end of the story. The author, however, provided an abundance of information on many of them, most of which is unnecessary or irrelevant to the story. Furthermore, it seemed that the author wanted to use every single original Nocturne Falls character, including Jayne Frost, so they all appear at some point of the book, and the facts were not always consistent with the original.

The whole plot or point of the story was also unclear until the end. The only thing that was clear was that there was supposed to be a romance in there, but that also ran hot and cold, alternating between uncontrollable instant attraction and reluctance to engage in romantic behaviour. The writing was quite eclectic and in the end, the romance felt a bit flat.

On the positive note, some of the characters were quite interesting and lovable, especially the hedgehog. So, regardless of the all of the above, the story was quite readable and somewhat enjoyable. This book comes with the most beautiful cover in the Nocturne Falls Universe series.

The Chef Caters To The Reaper: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Jax Cassidy available for purchase on Amazon

This is the third story by Jax Cassidy in the nocturne Falls Universe and it follows The Mermaid Catches her Mate, which was not my favourite, and The Groom Chases His Unicorn, which I liked very much. This story was lovely, maybe a bit rushed in a sense that i liked the characters and would not mind to have a longer read about them. The main character is Stasia, a reaper who we met briefly in the first story and who was a prominently featured side character in the second story. I was expecting the third story to be about her, so it was not a surprise.

I quite like when authors introduce the future characters bit by bit, and keep developing them in subsequent books throughout the series. The author here is quite proficient in this practice and I am quite curious to see what comes next.

Stasia was always a mysterious character and it was nice to finally get to know her properly. She is a lovable character because of her compassion and kindness. The other half of the romance is Zar, a celebrity chef and a single dad who owes Stasia a favour for sparing his life over a decade ago. And of course, there is his lovely thirteen year old daughter Sage, an adorable little explosion of positive energy.

The romance build up is slow due to a lot of mistrust and fear from Zar’s side and Stasia’s inability to recognise the changes she is experiencing. However, I found the ending a bit abrupt. I would have loved a bit of an epilogue and a few more pages of that lovely little family. Regardless, this was one of my favourites in the series.


The Vampire’s Unintended Alien: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Fiona Roarke available for purchase on Amazon

This is already the author’s sixth story in Nocturne Falls following the three rescue stories Close Encounters Of The Alien KindInvasion of the Alien Snatchers and The Alien Who Fell To Earth. There is also  a short story Have Yourself a Merry Little Alien from Merry & Bright: A Christmas Anthology (Nocturne Falls Universe), and The Dragon’s Spellbound Alien. The stories are best read in order and complemented by the author’s Alienn, Arkansas series, You’ve Got Aliens, How to Lose an Alien in 10 Days, and My Big Fat Alien Wedding.

This story is about Victor, the other brother we met in the previous story, and Isabel, the alien half-breed who desperately wanted to escape Alpha-Prime. I think this is my favourite so far. This story is so incredibly sweet, lovely, romantic and slightly unexpected. Not to mention that it contains a dose of trouble, a bit of stalking, quite an amount of misunderstanding, and a clear message that no means no.

The characters are extremely lovable and the author did a great job of incorporating them into both of the worlds. I expect that ruby’s story will be next and i am looking forward to it.

The Falcon’s Full House: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Candace Colt available for purchase on Amazon

This is the fourth story in the series by this author and the stories are best read in order. The story follows The Falcon Finds his Mate about Jess and Ryan,  The Falcon Tames the Psychic about Brianna and Connor (Ryan’s brother), and The Psychics Say I Do from Merry & Bright: A Christmas Anthology.

This story revolves around Rachel, a falcon shifter and Solange’s new assistant and Ian, half-elf who works for the Ford family. Both of the characters are extremely lovable, Solange is fabulous as ever, and it was just great to go back to the rest of the familiar characters like Echo or Crealde.

The story was my absolute favourite until the very end when some issues and opinions came out that I personally do not agree with, but I did not allow that to ruin my reading experience, because this was overall one of the best stories in the series.

Beauty and the Bigfoot Hunter: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Wynter Daniels available for purchase on Amazon

This is the fifth story in the series by this author, following The Fortuneteller’s Folly, The Genie’s Double Trouble, The Yin to His Yang, and The Mistletoe Misstep in Merry & Bright: A Christmas Anthology. I have mixed feelings, some stories I like and some I don’t. This story, however gave me mixed feelings all over.

Firstly, the story is really good and I love how the author made use of the existing locations, her previous characters, and still managed to add more to Nocturne Falls. Additionally, I was really impressed with the point the author was trying to make in relation to respecting the privacy of people or animal species. Maybe that is the reason why I so passionately hated the main male character Dean, whose only concern was how to keep the grant and his academic reputation, without any consideration for others who might be negatively affected by his actions. On the other hand, there is this lovely Amazon, Ember, who is still attracted to him like a hormonal teenage girl, and while pining for him forgets that there are bigger issues there like informing the authorities of potential exposure. So as I said, mixed feelings, so this story was somewhere in the middle for me.


The Inspector Claims The Vampiress: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Larissa Emerald available for pre-order on Amazon

Currently reading.

Touched By Her Elven Magic: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Kira Nyte available for pre-order on Amazon

Currently reading.

The Immortal Takes A Wife: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Pamela Labud available for pre-order on Amazon

Currently reading.


More about Nocturne Falls Universe is available on Goodreads. The books are introduced by Foreword from Kristen Painter.



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