Nocturne Falls Universe Stories

When I heard of Nocturne Falls Universe, I was obviously very happy as Kristen Painter herself cannot write as many books per year as I would like to read. But I was also cautious, because, well, it is a tall order to follow Kristen Painter into her own world and write up to her standards. I received the first two stories: The Truth About Cats And Wolves by Alethea Kontis and Magic’s Song by Sela Carsen and WOW! I read them both in one breath!

The Truth About Cats And Wolves: A Nocturne Falls Universe story  by Alethea Kontis

This story follows a Kai, a girl with not yet defined powers and Finn, a werewolf boy running from the Kincaid pack. Their first encounter is electric and intense and the rest of the story is equally intense. The story is beautifully written and the story line is amazing.

We see some of the old well known characters, Hank and Ivy, and we meet some of the kids from the Harmswood school. We get a chance to enter the school as well, which I thought was pretty cool. We also meet a cat boy Owen, Kai’s friend, who I would really like to see in the next book.

Overall, I am very curious of the next books, and I do hope that this is not a one time deal for Alethea Kontis. Not only that her writing is beautiful, but she also managed to capture the atmosphere and the existing characters of Nocturne Falls, as well as create new characters that fit perfectly into the setting created by Kristen Painter.

Magic’s Song (A Nocturne Falls Universe book) by Sela Carsen

This story follows Daria and Trick, and I have no idea how to say more without giving spoilers.The story is amazing. It is short, but somehow Sela Carsen managed to write is in such a way that it does not seem short at all. The characters are nicely developed, the background and history explained and it is beautifully written.

This story as well captures the essence and atmosphere of the Nocturne Falls, its existing places and characters and incorporates the new characters perfectly. We see Nick and Willa in this story and a beautiful magical horse, I would definitely like to see again. Again I hope this is not one time deal for this author, and I hope she continues with Nocturne Falls Universe, maybe longer next time.

In conclusion, Kristen Painter was right, this is a nice way to find new authors. I am convinced and hooked, and I already read two books by Sela Carsen and I am considering Woodcutter Sisters by Alethea Kontis. I also cannot wait for more books from Nocturne Falls Universe.

And they came!

The Witch Rescues Her Werewolf: A Nocturne Falls Universe story by Cate Dean

I have to say that after Cats and Wolves and Magic’s Song, this book was extra disappointing for several reasons. The writing was not up to standard and it was not as smooth and flowing like other books. It did not fit into Nocturne Falls in any way. The story was inconsistent with what we already know and the essence of the place was wrong, dark and negative. Sheriff Merrow was portrayed and incapable of keeping peace. There was a horrible villain and his three buddies terrorising women in Nocturne Falls and his father was so powerful that he got away with everything he did??? I don’t think so.

First of all, no one is more powerful than Ellingham family, they practically own the place, and the whole idea is that they created a safe heaven for all supernaturals and Sheriff Hank Merrow upholds the peace with iron fist. They are not human and they do not adhere to human laws. If there was a person that powerful in Nocturne Falls, Kristen Painter would have already mentioned them. And if there was a villain who preys on women, Merrow would have dealt with him after the first time, in whatever manner he saw fit, and no powerful father would be able to interfere or threaten.

Moving on to other issues, physical intimacy, for example. Couples in Nocturne falls never go beyond a toe-curling kiss or naughty thoughts in relation to a particular hottie, and that is why I like to suggest them to my friends teenage kids. Don’t get me wrong, I very much enjoy occasional erotica, but Nocturne Falls is not the place for it.

So I tried to look at the book as a standalone, outside of the perimeters of Nocturne Falls Universe. That made it a bit better. The writing is still not amazing but the story became better. The two characters Harrison and Lidia are both broken in a way. He is a shifter who was unfairly injured, had no support, other shifters avoid him, he is clumsy and has no luck with women. Lidia is a witch who escaped to nocturne Falls from an abusive relationship and to find answers as to why is she loosing her powers. They meet and instantly feel connected and as the story progresses, they become more confident and stronger and better because of each other. Unfortunately, there are still some inconsistencies and the story feels a bit forced.

The Vampire Bounty Hunter’s Unexpected Catch: A Nocturne Falls Universe story by Larissa Emerald

This was a very fun book and I liked it a lot. Larissa Emerald created a new character Camille with her Balroom Dancing Studio and used Nathaniel, a character belonging to her Blood Keeper series, if I understood correctly. Very interesting cross over and I can’t wait to read more. I have just ordered her series to try, I am very curious. The story is supposed to continue in Terror, Minnesota.

It is a very nice story between Camille and Nathaniel, with a nice build up. Alex Cruz and Sheriff Merrow are very well incorporated in the story. There is another character Caroline, CC, Camille’s best friend and the owner of a local pet shop but I cannot remember is she was already there or was invented by Emerald, in any case, I would love to see more of her in future books. Very well written, very nicely situated in Nocturne Falls with all of its atmosphere. I would like to read another story in Nocturne Falls Universe written by Larissa Emerald.

Reaping The Immortal: A Nocturne Falls Universe story by Pamela Labud

I loved this book! And this book was longer than others, full size novel, which is always a plus. Pamela Labud’s writing is beautiful and she managed to project Nocturne Falls with minimal interaction with the place and the existing characters. I was quite surprised to see that she mostly writes contemporary and historical romance, as she did such a great job with paranormal, like that was her main thing.

There are two main characters, Max, a regular immortal and Holly, a reaper. Their story flows beautifully and you cannot help but feel for them and cheer them on. There are several very interesting side characters and a fantastic villain. Even the side characters are well developed and the main characters and the villain are as complex as they can get. Max’s twin brother Mattie and his girlfriend Fiona play a significant role. I would love to see a sequel or another story involving one or two of the side characters, for example Mattie and Fiona. I would also like to read something else of paranormal genre written by Pamela Labud (not involving zombies or fallen angels).

Close Encounters Of The Alien Kind: A Nocturne Falls Universe story by Fiona Roarke

I have mixed feelings about this book. It was very well written and consistent with what we know about Nocturne Falls and some of the characters were very successfully used, but I cannot get over the idea of Aliens in Nocturne Falls. Or the fact that they never heard of Nocturne Falls or supernaturals living on Earth.

Nevertheless, Fiona Roarke incorporated her alien characters and several other places seamlessly. She also solved the issue of the first contact. Story is pretty solid, maybe a bit rushed towards the end but it is still very interesting. Two more stories are announced and I will happily read them. Two main characters are Draeken from Alpha-Prime and Stella, also from Alpha-Prime, but permanently relocated to Earth, now in Alienn, Arkansas.

Draeken is unusually lovable and charming character. Stella, not so much. She was definitely not one of my favourite characters, mostly concerned with herself and her well being, not caring who gets hurt in the process, for example Draeken in this story.

Regardless of my mixed feelings, I am looking forward to the next two books. Two more characters get their stories and I am very curious to see how the stories will play now that Alienn and Nocturne Falls have contact.

My final thoughts on this project are very positive. This was a great idea, as Kristen Painter is only one and her fans, myself included, would like to read a lot more books than she can write. Kristen Painter created this wonderful world that we would all like to visit or live in permanently. Her characters are well developed, complex, strong, intelligent, compassionate and sometimes stubborn, and her stories always have a happy ending, fabulous way to get there and a large number of great side characters, places and pets.

Most of these authors did a great job fitting their stories in the Nocturne Falls Universe, filling in the blanks, adding new characters and writing their stories. I did not like all six books equally, however, some of them were exceptionally good. Alethea Kontis did a fantastic job setting her story in the middle of Nocturne Falls with not only existing characters, but the new ones she seamlessly incorporated in the story. He writing was as Beautiful as Painter’s, but not for one second did I feel like it was forced in order to fulfill the task. I will definitely read her in near future. Same goes for Sela Carsen, fantastic writing and story, with a difference that she very successfully expanded the Nocturne Falls towards outer limits.

I also liked Pamela Labud’s story very much, great characters and very well thought out plot, and although she did not use much of Nocturne Falls settings or the characters, she successfylly managed to capture the essence of the place. Larissa Emerald expanded Nocturne falls from within with new places and characters. It was a great story and I feel compelled to try out her Blood Keeper series. In the end she promises a sequel, so I realised her story is a crossover. I was quite surprised how well she incorporated her existing characters into Kristen Painter’s existing world.

The last book by Fiona Roarke gave me mixed feelings due to aliens in Nocturne Falls but it was really well written and interesting, so I will definitely read the next two books by Roarke. I did not like Cate Dean’s book very much for the reasons mentioned above.

Kristen Painter started the project based on her Nocturne Falls Series and wrote the Foreword for these six books.


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