The Dragon Finds Forever (Nocturne Falls #7) by Kristen Painter

What an incredibly lovable book! This is my new Nocturne Falls favourite. Ivan Tsvetkov, Van for friends, is one amazing man, smart, intelligent, kind, gentle, strong, and when necessary aggressive giant of a man and a dragon! And Monalisa Devlin is incredibly beautiful. I have no idea how she looks like, I know there was a description, which didn’t register because she is so kind and caring and genuinely good that I only have an impression of her as beautiful. I think this was Kristen Painter’s best female character creation in Nocturne Falls (after Birdie, of course).

As for the story, all I can say is that it  fits the characters. It all happens in few days but it is so incredibly paced that it feels like a nice slow build up that lasts for months. I love them as a couple and I love how Kristen Painter developed their story, slow and exciting and steaming hot without ever going beyond a kiss.Unbelievably hot, I might add. And the ending is fantastic. It is also interesting how their story happens in parallel with the Las Vegas story, maybe because it is the other location, but it feels like their story is developing in the beautiful vacuum of Nocturne Falls, away from the rest of the world.

This time we see Nocturne Falls from yet another side, mostly Van’s beautiful house. Of course there is a mandatory trip to ever present and ever jummy Delaney’s Delectables and Bridget’s bar Howlers. We see a lot of Nick, Willa and Pandora, and a bit of Bridget. There is a new character I liked, Van’s house keeper, sparring partner and assistant in Las Vegas, Harlan a Gargoyle, very likable character, who is hopefully moving to Nocturne Falls in Future. And an unforgettable Grom, Van’s dog. I am seriously considering getting one now.

And of course there is a villain, Monalisa’s father, the Leprechaun King, meanest of them all. I admire how Kristen Painter comes up with such incredibly devious characters. Paidrag Devlin is the meanest, most malicious and most manipulative villains in Nocturne Falls so far. All the other villains were amateurs compared to him. Paidrag has no remorse, no love for his daughter, and no compassion. He is all about greed and doing all it takes to satisfy his greed, even sacrificing his daughter. It is an unbelievable pleasure watching his daughter Monalisa not loosing herself in that negativity. Probably the main reason she is so beautiful. Her inner strength and goodness.

This book is an absolute must read. And although this book could function as a standalone as well, I would never suggest to skip the other books in this wonderful series.

More about Nocturne Falls series and Kristen Painter is available on Goodreads.


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