Nocturne Falls Universe Stories Continuation

New round of Nocturne Falls Universe stories is coming out soon and I am looking forward. It did not start with a bang, but it is getting there.

The Fortuneteller’s Folly by Wynter Daniels

This story is about Darcy Kumar, a fortuneteller who is cursed to die young, and Aiden Becker, a Kachina healer. The whole idea and the story are pretty good and interesting. Due to the nature of the curse and some added problems, this story contains more suspense than the other stories, which was quite nice.

However, there are some fundamental problems in this story. First of all, the writing is not as smooth and fabulous as I expected and the characters are not as strong, independent and lovable as I would like. Additionally, there is this unrealistic insta-love, where a nice buildup would read much better. It improves as the story progresses but I have to admit that it was hard to  read because of it. There is also too much explicit content which does not suit original Nocturne Falls idea. And this bothered me a lot as I happily and without reservations recommended Nocturne Falls series to my friends with young teenage kids, due to its clean non-explicit content.

For example, *SPOILERS* the same day they met, Darcy and Aiden are talking about caring about each other a lot and end up in bed together. The next day they are already falling for each other and planning a future, and the third day she already meets his mother!

There are some additional points of irritation, for example Darcy is so impresses with Aiden’s cooking skills after eating eggs he made for breakfast!? In general, the writing is forced and rushed, and although it gets better, I still could not get over the initial disappointment. Characters are weak, Aiden is like a love-struck puppy and Darcy is just plain irritating with her need to protect him from being hurt by leaving, while she should definitely not be alone while in danger, and while her time would be better used trying to fix her issues instead of just giving up. My first impression was that they had this on and off relationship in the first three days, with the number of times she broke up with him. Fortunately, it does get better as the story progresses, and the good idea, paired with new kind of supernaturals, saved this novel.

Overall, it was okay story, but it would read better outside of the Nocturne Falls Universe.

The Falcon Finds his Mate by Candace Colt

This was a nice story but it left me wondering. It did not feel finished. In general, first half is beautifully written and consistent, and second seems a bit like the writer lost herself. Main characters are very lovable and their interactions are mostly. Jess is a sort of psychic and Ryan is a falcon shifter. New breed in Nocturne Falls, which is always welcome. There are some side characters which could have been more developed, in my opinion, Echo, the grandmother and Crealde, the weird cat, because they are very lovable, as well. Then there is Connor, Ryan’s brother and Solange, their very unpleasant mother.

As I mentioned previously, the first half is brilliant, but then at some point after I passed a half, suddenly the story became rushed, and some non-existent issues emerged. For example, we are in Nocturne Falls, why would anyone care or discriminate against shifters?

I appreciate that the author kept any explicit content to bare minimum and subtle enough, but I am not happy about the shifter issue.
Nocturne Falls is a safe happy place of fairy tales and there is no need for any inappropriate activity, such as discrimination, from the main characters. We have villains for that. I think this is the main problem with some of the Nocturne Falls Universe authors, It is not the writing style or wording or the characters, it is the safe atmosphere and magical ambiance created by Kristen Painter that makes Nocturne Falls so beautiful that all of us fans want to move there.

The Trickster Makes a Match by Bria Quinlan

I absolutely loved this book! It is one of my favourite Nocturne Falls Universe stories so far. It is warm, lovely, passionate without being explicit, original and very unusual. This story features two main characters of unusual origin for Nocturne Falls, Minx and Tim – they are ordinary humans, completely oblivious to the nature of Nocturne Falls and supernaturals of Nocturne Falls have no idea that they are oblivious! This naturally leads to numerous funny and awkward situations. Especially because it is obvious that little Gus, the baby they are taking care of, is indeed some kind of supernatural.

The romance happens in a relatively short time but the author created such a nice gradual buildup of the situation, it was just lovely to read. As I mentioned, I loved this book and I got completely lost in it. The author managed to create that Nocturne Falls atmosphere that just draws you in and you are happy to stay. This is quite amazing, considering that she did not use any of the familiar characters, but instead created her own.

Minx is a complex character with many layers, as is Tim. However, it takes us a bit longer to get to know him. Calla, Minx’s new friend is a delightful character and I would like to see more of her in future. And I fell in love with baby Gus.

All in all, it is incredible how the author managed to create a good interesting story with nothing more than a buildup of a relationship. There are no villains, no great danger or drama, but a gripping and powerful story about two people who find themselves in a bit of an unusual situation. Amazing.

The Doctor Falls for Her Gargoyle by Cate Dean

I approached this novel with an open mind. It took some effort as I did not the author’s first NFU novel The Witch Rescues Her Werewolf. And was I pleasantly surprised! There were still some minor discrepancies but nothing worth mentioning, because the story was great and it was well written. And there is a promise of continuation and also a hint of where it might go. It feels like the author is making her own part of Nocturne Falls with her own characters, here and there featuring the original characters, and it functions successfully.

Author is expanding on the previous story, as the main character Elias, the gargoyle, is a friend and neighbour of a character from the previous novel Lidia, the witch without powers. Unlike Harrison, Eli is actually quite lovable. And Doc Sophie Mead is a kickass heroine who saves her man. I see a trend here and I don’t dislike it. As in previous novel, Sophie is lacking supernatural power. She is a child of two powerful supernaturals who are disappointed in her. But just like Lidia, she is drawing on her willpower and strong personality, even more in this case, as Sophie is an accomplished doctor, healing humans and supernaturals alike. Both Eli and Sophie and well developed and complex. Their chemistry is of the charts.

We meet an array of new characters, and I am guessing that Jack and Tammy are coming back in the next novel. Charles is lovely and I hope he comes back as well. Unfortunately, the rest of the characters we meet for a short time, so there was no time for more complex development, however, unlike the last time, this time, I am actually very much looking forward to the next Cate Dean’s NFU novel.

Invasion of the Alien Snatchers by Fiona Roarke

This is a sequel to Close Encounters of the Alien Kind and I it is even better. Additionally, I read You’ve Got Aliens (Alienn, Arkansas Book 1), as this is where the characters come from. It seems that the author has created her own world which she is interlacing with the Nocturne Falls Universe, and so far it has worked well, although, it works much better after reading the Alienn. Strangely enough, the idea of aliens in Nocturne Falls does not seem that strange any more.

This is the story of the Guard on the space craft that crashed in the vicinity of Nocturne Falls, Riker, and Elise, trained soldier and bodyguard, permanently stationed in Alienn, and sent on a rescue mission after the crash. Elise and Riker have a brief but significant history in a form of a brief meeting that has left a great impact on both of them. And after years have passed, they meet again, under very stressful circumstances.

This book is very well written, it is a roller coaster of action, events and emotions, and it takes you through so many places in Nocturne Falls and there a brief interactions with an array of well known characters. There are brief references to Alienn and the Alpha-Prime culture and traditions, as well as some back flashes to past events on the planet. The villain is superb and this is an altogether fabulous book, and series.

As much as this novel can be read as a standalone, I cannot emphasise enough the completeness of the experience the first book adds. I wholeheartedly recommend reading Alienn, Arkansas Book 1 first. Together, the Alienn and the two NFU novels make a great series. Can’t wait for the third novel.

The Nymph Next Door by J.L. Farey

This was a cute short novel about Laurel, a wood nymph and Aidan, a shifter (kind of shifter gets revealed later) from the Sherif’s office. Laurel is new to Nocturne Falls, just moves in as the story begins.

The story is well written and it has a nice flow, the romance is quite cute and I like the development, as it has a nice pace and it is not rushed. The only remark is the abrupt ending. I wish the author gave the story a couple more pages, in order to achieve the nice flow that she had throughout the story. Laurel’s dog Bailey is so lovable I wished I had one just like him. And then there is Horatio, the tree.

This was a very enjoyable read from a new author and I would be quite happy to read more Nocturne Falls Universe stories from this author.

How Knot to Marry a Vampire by Laurie London.

This was a delightful read and it got me interested in Laurie London. Not only that she beautifully wrote this book, but she managed to capture the spirit of Nocturne Falls perfectly. I immediately started reading one of author’s previous books, that is how impressed I was with her writing, story telling and character development.

This novel is a suspense romance featuring Penelope, a medium and Luka, a vampire and an art dealer. Their romance is easy and beautiful, and with a lot of chemistry. Penelope is brave, resourceful and intelligent young woman, and Luka is sweet, charming and insightful. Both of them are extremely lovable characters and I wish there was a sequel. There is a beautiful knitting shop introduced, that I would love to visit, and a couple of very interesting side characters, Ghost Reverend and aunt Sylvia. The author takes us to several places in Nocturne Falls, and includes several of our well known and loved characters created by Kristen Painter.

This was truly a great book, possibly my new Nocturne Falls Universe favourite. Additionally, it seems that I found another author I will read a follow regularly.

The Mermaid Catches Her Mate by Jax Cassidy

I was so curious about this novel but unfortunately quite disappointed with it. The story did not flow, there were some inconsistencies, and the main characters did not have a good communication. However, the author did make a very nice use of Nocturne Falls locations, if not the some of the existing characters.

This is a story about Luna, a mermaid, and Ace, a magician and some kind of ancient immortal fae, but it is not clear what kind exactly because it is not mentioned beyond the name. Their chemistry is great and that part of the story is very well described, but I would expect a better connection between characters, which usually happens with that kind of chemistry. Sadly, in this case, Luna and Ace remain quite secretive with each other, which later causes problems and creates main twist in the plot. I think this story could have been much better had the author used the villain to build the suspense, instead inserting a villain as an afterthought, making him mostly insignificant.

Another thing I did not appreciate in this story was that she loosely based the mermaid folklore on Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid, which made Luna a very sad, damsel in distress character, waiting for a prince to love her and save her from her tragic fate. And although the author somewhat managed to correct Andersen’s tragic ending, I was left wondering why she chose not to empower the mermaid and completely erase Andersen’s misogynistic depiction of a love starved woman who is willing to give up everything, including her identity and life, in order to win the love of a man who basically did not care about her. In this story, she laid a good base for it, as the man in question was smitten by the mermaid, and he made it obvious to her, but still Luna chose the path which was completely illogical and inconsistent with what could and should have been.

I would have liked this story a lot more if the author gave Luna more independence and strength, because she certainly had a potential for it.

Magic’s Fate by Sela Carsen

The first book in Nocturne Falls by this author Magic’s Song was beautiful. I had very high expectations for this one, but unfortunately they were not fulfilled. The qualities I fell in love with in the first book were not present here completely. Or maybe I would like this book much better if I didn’t have the pleasure of reading the first one.

This is the book about Carina, a soothsayer, and Rodion, a sorcerer and a brother of Daria who we met in the first book. Their attraction is great and Carina is a very lovable character, but Rodion not so much. I can’t really describe what I was missing in this book, but the story seemed a bit rushed and at times unclear and difficult to follow. I was also not happy about the authors presentation of Cole, Kristen Painter’s character, who did not seem as strong and fabulous as he was originally meant to be. I did, however, love her little twist which included Van, the dragon.

A Dragon Speaks Her Name by Kira Nyte

This is a story about a dragon and his potential lifemate, Zareh and Kaylae. I struggled to finish it. The writing was good and the story was fairly interesting, but the characters were not very tolerable.

Let me start with Kaylae, a prototype of damsel in distress, a woman who cannot lift a finger to protect herself, constantly on the run until she meets a big strong protector to take care of her. And Zareh is barely keeping it together, almost loosing control from all the desire for Kaylae and overwhelming need to protect her and mate with her. Zareh’s best friend is Alazar, a compulsive gambler, and a dragon, of course. Kaylae’s late father thought that the best way to protect his daughter would be to teach her to run, not trust anyone and keep her completely in the dark about anything relevant that might help her protect herself, like history of her clan and family, maybe some self-defence, or any knowledge of who is after her and what is she up against. She is up against Baroquet, but it is not clear who they are or why they are after until nearly the end of the book. Furthermore, Kaylae moans from pleasure when eating any food, like she never eat food in her life. Makes no sense.

The writing style is good and the way the book starts, it is gripping, interesting and suspensefull, then it becomes flat, and after about two thirds it picks up in a completely different, almost cheerful tone and faster pace, that it almost feels like I have missed something, although the end was somewhat better. And there is a very abrupt appearance of relationships and feelings that were not explained and properly constructed, there is no build up, just nothing and then suddenly something. It was not one of my favourites in the series, however, it features Willa and Nick, which is a plus.

More about Nocturne Falls Universe on Goodreads. The books are introduced by Foreword from Kristen Painter.


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