The Vampire’s Accidental Wife (Nocturne Falls #8) by Kristen Painter

Finally, Julian settles down. That’s how it seems at first, but it is not without trials and false appearances. We finally get to know thee real Julian, how is a lovely complex person, and who is yearning for a partner. Desdemona Valentine, Desi, also a vampire, is an incredibly interesting person with a complicated past. Julian saw Desi on stage in Vegas, while on one of his trip researching for a Wedding Chapel project.

This was the most suspenseful Nocturne Falls novel so far. It was especially intense, as there was potential for greater implications and harm of the whole Nocturne Falls. It was Jayne Frost kind of suspenseful. And in the same expert manner, Kristen Painter resolved it to a beautiful happy end. This is one thing I can always count on, no matter what happens, it is always going to be a happy ending and I will put the book down with a smile on my face.

Apart from Julian, we get to see a lot of Elenora Ellingham and Alice Bishop, and a little bit of the rest of Ellinghams. Sherrif Merrow is here and Birdie is featuring a prominent role in this story. No matter how prominent the role, I always want more of Birdie. Harlan, who we met in the previous book is here again, and would not mind seeing more of him as well.

Nocturne Falls is expanding but always comes back to one spot, Delaney’s Delectables, my favourite spot. At some point, I will need a map to navigate through the town of Nocturne Falls. What started with one or two streets and shops, became a full blown town. It is especially noticeable in this novel, as several of the characters drive around the town frequently with a different purpose.

I have no idea how Kristen Painter does it, but by now, I cannot imagine my life without visiting Nocturne Falls every few weeks. It is a beautiful place, full of wonderful people and places and she transports me there with every book, and I happily immerse myself in the beautiful world of Nocturne Falls.


More about Nocturne Falls series and Kristen Painter is available on Goodreads.


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