Alienn, Arkansas Series by Fiona Roarke

You’ve Got Aliens (Alienn, Arkansas Book 1) Available for purchase on Amazon

I absolutely loved this book. It was fun, it had twists, it had great romance, funny dialogues, good villain and obviously, supernatural element. The book is very well written, the characters are well developed and the story is interesting. I could not put it down, and in some parts it made me laugh.

Alienn, Arkansas is an alien founded small town, and it features aliens from Alpha-Prime hiding in plain site. The town itself is organised with alien theme, as sort of a tourist attraction. In this sense, it is a similar premise to Kristen Painter’s Nocturne Falls town with Halloween theme, which serves as a safe haven for supernaturals who are hiding in plain site.

This book is also a basis for the next three novels set in Nocturne Falls Universe, Close Encounters of the Alien Kind, Invasion of the Alien Snatchers, and the third one coming later this year (I hope). They feature a pilot, a guard and a prisoner who crashed in the vicinity of Nocturne Falls, and the subsequent rescue mission organised by the Fearless Leader and the manager of the Big Bang Truck Stop. The setting for the NFU novels is created in this book, however briefly it was mentioned. And although the NFU novels can be read without reading this book first, I would not recommend it.

This book sets up Alienn town and explains its inhabitants, as well as the social structures and the Alpha-Prime culture and history. The main protagonists are Diesel Grey, the Fearless Leader of Alpha-Prime colony in Alienn, Arkansas, as well as manager of the Big Bang Truck Stop, and Juliana Masters, an orphan in search of her roots, on a temporary assignment investigating rumours about aliens in Alienn, Arkansas. Their story is beautiful, touching and sizzling, without being crude. The intimacy is more implied than described and it adds another lawyer to the seriousness of their attraction and the depth of their feelings.

I found reading the NFU novels after this book much more satisfying. Although this book might have been created as a starting point for the three NFU novels, it works fabulously as a great beginning of a new series, and I sincerely hope that the author will continue developing Alien, Arkansas further, as I would love to read many more.

The Rescue Mission – the vicinity of Nocturne Falls: a Prisoner, a Guard, and a Pilot 


Close Encounters Of The Alien Kind: A Nocturne Falls Universe story available for purchase on Amazon

I had mixed feelings about this book and I had to reassess my feelings about it after I read the Alienn. The truth is, I made a mistake by not reading Alienn first.

This book is very well written and consistent with what we know about Nocturne Falls and some of the characters were very successfully used, but I could get over the idea of Aliens in Nocturne Falls. Or the fact that they never heard of Nocturne Falls or supernaturals living on Earth. After reading Alienn, I find it much easier to get over my issues with aliens and supernaturals. I guess they were both so good in hiding, they did not know about each other.

Nevertheless, Fiona Roarke incorporated her alien characters and several other places seamlessly. She also solved the issue of the first contact. Story is pretty solid, maybe a bit rushed towards the end but it is still very interesting. Two main characters are Draeken from Alpha-Prime and Stella, also from Alpha-Prime, but permanently relocated to Earth, now in Alienn, Arkansas.

As announced in Alienn, this is the first of the three books about rescue mission in the vicinity of Nocturne Falls and it is a story about the prisoner from the crashed space ship, passing by Earth on its way to Gulag prison.

Draeken is unusually lovable and charming character. Stella, not so much. She was definitely not one of my favourite characters, mostly concerned with herself and her well being, not caring who gets hurt in the process, for example Draeken in this story.

Invasion of the Alien Snatchers: A Nocturne Falls Universe story available for purchase on Amazon

This is the second novel and it covers the story of the guard. The events occur at the same time as the first one, Close Encounters of the Alien Kind and I it is even better. I read this one after I read You’ve Got Aliens (Alienn, Arkansas Book 1), as this is where the characters come from, and it is so much better. There are no mixed feelings, the story is great, and I must admit that at this point, I am only marginally interested about the Nocturne Falls aspect of it, but more into the Alienn aspect of the big picture.

It seems that the author has created her own world which she is interlacing with the Nocturne Falls Universe, and so far it has worked well, although, it works much better after reading the Alienn. Strangely enough, the idea of aliens in Nocturne Falls does not seem that strange any more.

This is the story of the Guard on the space craft that crashed in the vicinity of Nocturne Falls, Riker, and Elise, trained soldier and bodyguard, permanently stationed in Alienn, and sent on a rescue mission after the crash. Elise and Riker have a brief but significant history in a form of a brief meeting that has left a great impact on both of them. And after years have passed, they meet again, under very stressful circumstances.

This book is very well written, it is a roller coaster of action, events and emotions, and it takes you through so many places in Nocturne Falls and there a brief interactions with an array of well known characters. There are brief references to Alienn and the Alpha-Prime culture and traditions, as well as some back flashes to past events on the planet. The villain is superb and this is an altogether fabulous book, and series.

I am very curious about the last novel in the Nocturne Falls Universe, about the pilot, and I am hoping that the author will continue with the Alienn series then.

The Alien Who Fell to Earth: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story available for purchase on Amazon

The final rescue story focuses on the pilot of the space ship that crashed in Nocturne Falls and his rescuer. This was the best story of the three, because it is longer, more detailed, the romantic aspect is more wonderful, and it contains a secondary story.

The main characters Holden and Victoria are delightful. Holden is suffering a memory loss and Victoria is helping him get through it. Their interactions are funny and serious and sizzling. Victoria is strong, independent and inventive character. She can do anything. Holden, however incapacitated, is still there holding his own. Great characters indeed.

The secondary characters, Astrid, the accidental passenger and Bubba aka. Bartholomew Angus Thorne, the tracker from the Royal Guard sent to find her, are equally interesting and have equally sizzling encounters, regardless of their story being slightly shorter. The author managed to incorporate all the important details for character development.

The world of Alienn and Alpha-Prime is also being explored and we learn more about it.

The interactions of all four characters with the Nocturne Falls  inhabitants are really well written and incorporated into both worlds. This book features more Nocturne Falls characters than the previous ones and although the rescue is complete, I hope the author is planning more of the cross-over stories.51OW+aO84xL


The Nocturne Falls Universe rescue trilogy is available for purchase on Amazon in paperback with the title Aliens Actually.


How to Lose an Alien in 10 Days, (Alienn, Arkansas Book 2) available for purchase on Amazon


What a delightful read!

This book focuses on Cam, Diesel’s brother and Chief of Security in Alienn and Ria, temporary runaway from an arranged marriage on Alpha-Prime. It is a beautiful love story which contains a few well placed twists and dramatic moments, but is primarily revolving about development of the romance between the two main characters.

Beautifully written, just as the author’s previous books, this book just flows and then it’s finished before you realise. The story contains some appearance of the characters we met previously, Diesel, Gage and inevitable and fabulous aunt Dixie. We briefly meet the youngest of the Grey brothers, Jack. Axel is featured quite a lot in this book, as he is assisting Cam with security issues. He is quite likable and I hope his story comes next.51DcqhjO1CL

Have Yourself a Merry Little Alien in Merry & Bright: A Christmas Anthology (Nocturne Falls Universe) available for purchase on Amazon

This story is about Draeken and Stella from Close Encounters Of The Alien Kind: A Nocturne Falls Universe story, the first rescue mission in Nocturne Falls, where they met again after many years, fell in love and got married. Now they are settled in Alienn and have just purchased a house in Nocturne falls for holidays where they are celebrating Christmas. All the rest is just pure love, friendship and holiday spirit. Nice addition to the series.


The Dragon’s Spellbound Alien: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Fiona Roarke available for purchase on Amazon

I was highly anticipating this book as I am a big fan of this author, her spin on Nocturne Falls and her Alpha-Prime aliens from Alienn, Arkansas series. I especially love how she managed to interweave two series so seamlesly that they make perfect sense.

This is already her fifth story in Nocturne Falls following the three rescue stories Close Encounters Of The Alien KindInvasion of the Alien Snatchers and The Alien Who Fell To Earth in which we meet Bubba and Astrid who are the starting point for this story. There is also  a short story Have Yourself a Merry Little Alien from Merry & Bright: A Christmas Anthology (Nocturne Falls Universe). The stories are best read in order and complemented by the author’s Alienn, Arkansas series, You’ve Got Aliens and How to Lose an Alien in 10 Days.

This story starts with Bubba and Astrid’s new business in Nocturne Falls offering psychic readings. Since they got married and decided to settle in Nocturne Falls, as it was recently agreed between their Fearless Leader and Sheriff Merrow as an acceptable option for aliens from Alpha-Prime, they also wanted to make people happy. So they opened a second business of matchmaking supernaturals from Nocturne Falls with their fellow aliens. Some of their employees already signed up for the service and it was only a matter of time before the locals start signing up as well.

Bianca came to Earth as a baby and she grew up in Alienn. The selection of available partners in Alienn was not impressive and her movement was always limited to Alienn, so she jumps at the opportunity to move to Nocturne Falls, get a new interesting job, meet new people, and increase her chances of meeting someone. So she also signs up for the matchmaking service.

Warrick and Victor came to Nocturne Falls as children with their adoptive mother, hoping to find a place where they would fit in. Their mother is a witch who felt sympathy for two hybrid supernaturals, Warrick half-dragon, half-human, and Victor, half-vampire, half-human, so she took them in from an orphanage for hybrid supernaturals somewhere in Europe. As they grew up and did not start showing interest in settling down, she gets desperate and signs them up for matchmaking service.

This story is about Bianca and Warrick, and I sincerely hope that the next one will be Victor. This was a beautiful love at first sight romance. I inhaled the story in one breath.


My Big Fat Alien Wedding (Alienn, Arkansas Book 3) available for purchase on Amazon 

Currently reading.




The author has announced two more books:

The Vampire’s Unintended Alien: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story not available for purchase yet

expected in June 2018.

10 Things Aliens Hate About You (Alienn, Arkansas Book 4) not available for purchase yet

More about Fiona Roarke, Alienn, Arkansas and Nocturne Falls Universe series is available on Goodreads and the author’s website.


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