The Half-Demon Rogue Series and Ruby Callaway Series by D.N. Erikson


Storm Pale (The Half-Demon Rogue #0) available exclusively on the author’s website

I don’t even know where to start. Maybe I should start by saying what a great new author I have discovered! I accidentally found this author, I cannot even remember how, but I subscribed to the newsletter and this novel came with it. Then the next one and two more. After reading this novel, I immediately bought the rest of the books available from this author. Need I say more? I was blown away. And this is just a prequel.
The writing is superb, and I am not talking beautiful and flowy, I am talking raw and get under your skin intense, as is the main character Kalos. There are softer moments involving his companion Argos, a magical dog of unparalleled knowledge and gentle soul.

Both characters are complex and well developed, as is the world. Not at one point did I wonder where someone or something came from, all is explained and described in enough detail to leave you satisfied but not overwhelmed or bored. There are villains and violence, there is affection and romance, although the romance happens in the background and with a sole purpose to help us understand the main character, his struggles and trials.

Kalos is a very interesting character, as I mentioned above, raw and intense, and he is not immediately likable like Argos, but his persistence, endurance and clearly defined values force you to cheer for him and draw you in his story, so that you cannot stop until you reach the end, and then you still want more. That is how The Half-Demon Rogue trilogy ended up on my Kindle. I didn’t even bother buying books one by one, I wanted them all. But before the trilogy, there is a prequel to the Ruby Callaway trilogy, Bone Realm, in which this story continues.

Bone Realm (Ruby Callaway #0,5) available exclusively on the author’s website

This was a great novel. It is actually a sequel to Storm Pale, prequel to The Half-Demon Rogue trilogy, and also a prequel to the Ruby Callaway trilogy. It sounds complicated but the author managed to seamlessly continue one character’s story, introduce the new character, briefly intertwine their stories, and continue with the new character. In other words, the story starts with Kalos, he meets Ruby, they share the story for a while, and then Ruby’s story continues. Since they both live in the same world, I cannot wait to see whether their stories further intertwine.

Just like with Storm Pale and immediate purchase of The Half-Demon Rogue trilogy, this story ended with me buying the first two Ruby Callaway books, and only because the third one is not available yet.

I was curious about the author, so when I subscribed to the newsletter, I received in total four novels so far, none of them available anywhere else. Silver Tempest and Kentucky Clear, two more Ruby Callaway stories, which I believe happen before the trilogy starts.
This particular story is immensely important as it explains Ruby’s origin, her development and evolution. I have started with the trilogy, and immediately went back to the prequels to get more information. The trilogy starts in the future and it reads so much better with all the additional information and character development. Without it, Ruby’s character loses in its complexity and the whole world building commences all over again. If you have an option, start at the beginning, with Storm Pale, Bone Realm, Silver Tempest and Kentucky Clear before you embark on The Half-Demon Rogue and Ruby Callaway trilogies.

Ruby is such an interesting character, as her potential is not immediately obvious, but she grows, learns, develops, and accepts herself. At the moment I am devouring the rest of the stories. I can’t wait to see where her story goes.

Silver Tempest (Ruby Callaway story) possibly still available through author’s newsletter to which you subscribe when you collect the free novella

It is a fast paced short story recounting the an assignment Ruby accomplishes due to her incredible skills. It is the first story in which we get to know more about Ruby and her dealing with her destiny and her given skills. It feels like she is already a seasoned hunter in this one, which gives me hope that some day the author might give us more of these, because there is certainly enough room for more short stories.

This story is a bit more gritty than the previous one, but it fits nicely in the world the author created. It also develops Ruby’s character further, she becomes stronger, more ruthless, more confident and more skilled. She is a beauty to behold.

Kentucky Clear (Ruby Callaway story) possibly still available through author’s newsletter to which you subscribe when you collect the free novella

Currently reading.

Demon Rogue (The Half-Demon Rogue #1) available for purchase on Amazon

In this book we fast forward to present day and the gritty reality of Kalos. There is so much happening in this book that, at the same time, I had to take a break and continue to see what happens next. It is an amazing roller coaster of unexpected events, and Kalos trying to catch a breath and get ahead of things.

He is not a standard hero, he is full of flaws but at the same time oh so lovable. And he always pulls through, which is quite an accomplishment because he has to deal with several opponents at any given time. His his nemeses return with vengeance, as well.

His faithful companion Argos, Homer’s former dog, who is also an intellectually supreme being, is a walking talking contradiction, and one of the best characters ever created. There are several interesting side characters that I would like to see more of in future books.

Blood Frost (The Half-Demon Rogue #2) available for purchase on Amazon

Currently reading, great start.

Moon Burn (The Half-Demon Rogue #3) available for purchase on Amazon

The Half-Demon Rogue Trilogy also comes as a box set available for purchase on Amazon

Lightning Blade (Ruby Callaway #1) available for purchase on Amazon

Currently reading.

Shadow Flare (Ruby Callaway #2) available for purchase on Amazon

Going Home (Ruby Callaway #2,5) possibly still available through author’s newsletter to which you subscribe when you collect the free novella

This short story was published in anticipation of the final book.

Blood River (Ruby Callaway #3) available for purchase on Amazon

Ruby Callaway Trilogy also comes as a box set available for purchase on Amazon


More about The Half-Demon Rogue, Ruby Callaway and D.N.Erikson is available on Goodreads and the author’s website contains link for downloadof the free novel Bone Realm, as well as the link to the newsletter subscription, which gives you the rest of the stories Storm Pale, Silver Tempest, Kentucky Clear, and Going Home.


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