Descendants of Thor Trilogy by S.A. Ashdown


Forged in Blood and Lightning (Descendants of Thor Trilogy Book One) available for purchase on Amazon

This is a magnificent book, as is the author’s writing. Internal monologues are poetic literary constructs of the highest quality. The writing is superb and at times I found myself getting lost, forgetting the plot and letting myself be taken away and immersed in the melody of the author’s words. Every so often, the author would strike a chord and resonate deeply in my mind with some of the insights she offered to the reader.

Fortunately, the author’s ability to keep the reader informed and on course, would not let me stray for too long into re-reading of my favourite phrases and passages. The plot is so carefully woven and slowly unraveled that I had to keep on reading. Still from time to time, I would write some of the phrases down. Every word counts in this amazing book.

There is magic, warlocks, Norse mythology, vampires, witches and a lot of supernatural elements, as well as regular human contemporary reflection. For example, the author contemplates a relationship between an overprotective father and a rebellious son and discusses in detail the perils of protecting children from danger by imposing ignorance. The topic is not a novelty but the depth of analysis of the issue and the number of discussed scenarios certainly is.

Theo is a 21 year old Gatekeeper of all magic, currently the most magically responsible person in the world and beyond, however, instead of teaching him about magic, or how to defend himself, his father chooses to isolate him from the world and lock him up in the mansion. If Theo dies – magic dies, if Theo does not produce an heir – magic dies, and Theo is completely ignorant of the world and the magic he possesses as well as completely socially inept. So, most of the perils Theo finds himself in, are not the result of his desirable magic, but the fact that in order to protect him, his father kept him away from the world and did not give him any tools to improve his chances of survival. Fortunately, Theo is a determined to find the answers he needs and survive as best as he can.

Although Theo is the main character, there are numerous other characters worth mentioning, namely Lorenzo, Raphael, Ava, Penny, Menelaus, Espen, Nikolaj, Malachi, and Julian. Some of them are likable, some are not, but all them are well developed and three-dimensional. Lorenzo is a tortured soul in strange circumstances. His life interrupted abruptly and forced in a different and undesirable direction. Raphael is a mysterious creature of the nature, strangely compelled to intervene when he should not. Espen is an overprotective father, and a former Gatekeeper dealing with a personal loss and the loss of his power. Ava is a special person in a family that does not wish to recognise that kind of special. And I am going to stop here before I reveal all of the characters.

The plot is incredibly complex, consisting of so many intricate details that they felt infinite at times. The author masterfully builds the world, adds to the plot and develops characters. Although at times some additions might seem unexpected, they perfectly follow the logic and reasoning of the story line and bring the reader closer to the resolution. I cannot find the words to describe how much I enjoyed this book and how I am looking forward to the next one.

The author’s powerful expression and the ability to address some timeless as well as contemporary issues left me astounded at times. One particular quote made an especially deep impression and I wanted to leave it here for contemplation:

“Humans are driven to obliterate whatever doesn’t fit within their stringent belief systems.” (Father to Theo, at 11%)

5 - S.A. Ashdown

Devils of Alfheim: A Descendants of Thor Novella – Part One available for purchase as a freebie on Amazon

Just as Forged in Blood and Lightning, this story starts the night Theo dies and everything changes for Lorenzo. It follows Lorenzo from the prologue of the first book and recounts the events of that fateful night.

It was quite interesting to read, because this is a missing part of the story relating to Lonrenzo’s unfortunate origins as a vampire, and although quite short, the story manages to convey most of Lorenzo’s anger, frustration and sadness, caused by his transformation.

Norns of Fate (Descendants of Thor Trilogy Book Two) available for purchase on Amazon

Currently reading.

Wrath of Aten (Descendants of Thor Trilogy Book Three) available for purchase on Amazon

Next to read.

The author has created a character profile page on her website, which includes short descriptions and visual presentation of the main characters.



The Trilogy is also available as a set The Descendants of Thor Trilogy Boxset: Forged in Blood and Lightning; Norns of Fate; Wrath of Aten on Amazon


More about S.A. Ashdown and Descendants of Thor Trilogy is available on Goodreads and the author’s website.


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