Nadira Holden Series by Azaa’a Davis


This Time (Nadira Holden, Demon Hunter #1) available for purchase on Amazon

This was one of those highly anticipated debut novels that held so much promise, from the author who was perfectly capable of delivering that promise. And wow did she deliver… All I can say is that my lucky streak of great books continues.

I don’t even know where to start. The authors writing is superb. Her characters are not all lovable but all are well developed. The plot is complex and original. The world the author created is grim, full of betrayal, intrigue, some backstabbing, and a lot of power struggle. It is incredible how the author tackles preconceived notions, prejudice, hypocrisy, and indoctrination.

Nadira, the main character, has to deal with all of them, alone. She is faced with a new reality and has to find her place in it. Not to mention the hardship with dealing with the above mentioned from nearly every single person she meets. Nadira changes and learns the new reality and the old truths. She is an amazingly strong character, physically and mentally. What is even more amazing is how she questions the imposed truths and notions and finds the right path due to her impeccable moral values.

There are numerous interesting characters in the story, most of them quite unpleasant, but incredibly realistic. The world, a new and original world of the author’s creation, is harsh and unforgiving to most, especially Nadira and her counterpart Roquelle, who is an amazing character herself. And then the plot, which kept me in suspense from beginning to the end, full of unexpected twists and turns, and just when I thought that the end will bring a temporary resolution and calm anticipation of the next book, the author decided to finish with a shocking cliffhanger. And I love her for it.

This is a great new author who introduced a great new series, both of which climbed very high on the list of my favourites. I highly recommend this book to all the lovers of well written urban fantasy.

That Night (Nadira Holden, Demon Hunter #2) available for purchase on Amazon

The author continues telling Nadira’s amazing story. And there is so much to tell. The trauma, the doubts, the suspicions, the inability to fit in combined with a lack of will by her loved ones to accept her, the anxiety, the depression, the pain… so much. There is so much for Nadira to deal with and the author delves deep into Nadira’s personality.

This book has a slightly different tone for the most part, due to Nadira’s difficulties to deal with the real world, her indoctrination as a demon hunter, and the experiences she goes through with the only person willing to help her, who is a demon. Then there is Roquelle, a succubus, and a complete opposite of her. Their struggle at this point reaches new heights and causes so many problems and so much confusion.

The author did a stellar job in bringing forward all the feelings, mood swings, weakness, vulnerability and despair Nadira feels. All of it is so palpable, so vivid, so realistic, absolutely amazing. I loved her, hated her, felt pity for her, and cheered for her. I felt Nadira’s despair, hopelessness, and loneliness. And then I felt Nadira evolving and growing strong and powerful.

It was an amazing journey and I can’t wait to see what happens next. A lot remains unanswered, but the most important is resolved, and that is the relationship between Nadira and Roquelle. This continues to be a great, intriguing and gripping series and I’m loving every moment of it.

These Moments (Nadira Holden, Demon Hunter #3) not available for purchase yet



In the meantime a box set containing all three books is available for purchase on Amazon Nadira Holden, Demon Hunter Series, Books 1-3: An Urban Fantasy Boxed Set 

Release date 30 June 2020.



More about Azaa’a Davis and her books is available on Goodreads and the author’s website.

Images and teasers provided by the author.



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