Poetry by Helle Gade


I could not separate each book for a review as they flow as one unit, inseparably. The author’s poetry is deeply touching, filled with emotions and heartbreak. But there is also hope, love, acceptance, and infinite strength. The author conveys her physical and emotional pain caused by chronic illness and her constant struggle to overcome it. But then she conveys her hopes, her dreams, and her well established coping mechanism and assures the reader that she will be okay, that nothing can break her, that she is more resilient than anything that ails her.

I smiled and I cried, I felt the author’s pain and her hopes, and at times the absurdity of the unfairness of life and the lot each of us has been given. Her powerful expression makes all of this possible. Her poetic talent, immense.

I have been looking forward to reading these books of poems for a while now and never managed to find time. Now I wonder, what was wrong with me? I should have read this the moment I had the books in my possession. So beautiful. ❤


Silent Dreams available for purchase on Amazon

Nocturnal Embers available for purchase on Amazon

Savage Rose available for purchase on Amazon

Northern Whispers available for purchase on Amazon

This is a collection of Helle Gade’s three first three poetry collection’s:

Silent Dreams, Nocturnal Embers and Savage Rose.

cover_md (3)


There are several poems available in the free anthology Mind Games if you click here




More about Helle Gade and her books is available on Goodreads and the author’s blog.


Images and poems provided by the author.

Helle Burning

Helle midnight Light

Helle Tear me Apart

Helle society


And I had to add this poem inspired by Poppy Woods’ Withing Moon.



Other work by this author featured here

Author Spotlight – Helle Gade


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