Where the Blue Thorns Grow by Maya Riley


Where The Blue Thorns Grow available for purchase on Amazon

This is a beautiful and heartwarming story about love, new beginnings and healing after an unbearable loss. It is beautifully written and incredibly engaging. I could not stop reading it, although I don’t remember ever having any interest in mountain climbing.

I can’t tell whether the author knows all about climbing from her experience, or whether she conducted a very thorough research, but let me tell you, not only that she goes into the details, I actually felt like being there and enjoying it. Enjoying the climbing. Me. That’s one of the things I hate most in life, and yet the author made me love it.

The story itself is not based on a complex plot but complex emotions. This is all about the characters, their connections and relationships, how they develop, how they evolve, how they break and how they mend.

This story is describes an incredible personal journey of one young woman accompanied by her friends and family. I am trying to be elaborate and say all kinds of wonderful stuff about this story, because I think the author deserves all the praise for writing it, but it just left me full of emotions which I am not able to put into words. There were countless paragraphs I loved so much. Everything, I loved everything about this story.

I cannot emphasise enough how beautifully this book is written and how beautifully the words flow. I loved this book so much, and regardless of all the arguments I put forward, I still have no clue why I loved it so much, my love for this book goes beyond words. This book touched me so deeply and drew me in and I could not stop reading it and loving it. I sincerely hope that the author will surprise me again with a similar kind of a book.


More about Maya Riley and her books is available on Goodreads and the author’s website, as well as the author’s Facebook group.


Images and teasers provided by the author.




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