NEW AND UPCOMING RELEASES – My Reading List and the Authors I Follow – 2019

This list contains all the new books I am planning to read, in reverse chronological order from 1 January until 31 December 2019. All genres are included, urban fantasy, paranormal fantasy, paranormal romance, YA fantasy, epic fantasy, dystopian, paranormal mystery, science fiction, contemporary romance, contemporary suspense, reverse harem. All Amazon purchase links and covers are included where possible. The list will be updated regularly. Happy reading!

Here are the links to New Releases 2018 and 2020



Sin & Spirit (Demigods of San Francisco Book 4) by K.F. Breene – 31 December 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Fangs for All (The Vampire Detective Book 3) by Arizona Tape, Laura Greenwood – 31 December 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Releasing The Gods (The Titan’s Saga Book 1) by Leia Stone, Jaymin Eve – 31 December 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

The Swan Empress (Classics Retold for RH) by M.J. Marstens – 30 December 2019 (Fantasy Romance/Reverse Harem)

Rose: A Standalone Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance (Jewels Cafe Book 12) by Jewels Arthur – 30 December (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Ghost at the Feast (The Nightwatch Book 3) by Debbie Cassidy – 27 December 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance)

Dead Girl Walking (Barbie: The Vampire Hunter Book 2) by Lucinda Dark – 26 December 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Spirit Caller (The Sullivan Gray Series Book 7) by H.P. Bayne – 26 December 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Mystery)


Magic in Light: Paranormal Shifter Romance (Supernatural Community Book 1) by Krista Street – 26 December 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Found and Forged (The Lost Sentinel Book 4) by Ivy Asher – 25 December 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Steel Heart: A Jesse Alexander Novel by RJ Blain – 25 December 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Dragon Tide: Underworld (Dragon Tide #9) by Sarah K. L. Wilson – 23 December 2019 (Epic Fantasy/YA Fantasy)

Yule Be Sorry: A Yuletide Holiday Novella by Brooke Saylor – 23 December 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Whisper of Spirits (FSID Agents Book 1) by A.J. Macey – 21 December 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Reverse Harem)

Prophecy Girl (Shadow Academy Book 2) by Kat Cotton – 20 December 2019 (YA Urban Fantasy)

Smoke and Mistletoe (Best Wishes Book 3) by A.J. Macey – 20 December 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)


Long Witch Night: A New Adult Urban Fantasy (Red Witch Chronicles 2) by Sami Valentine – 20 December 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Penumbra (Darkling Mage Book 0) by Nazri Noor – 20 December 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Stealing the Throne (Chronicles Of The Throne Book 1) by Quirah Casey – 20 December 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Tainted Bond: A Zombie Reverse Harem Novel (Forsaken Hope Book 2) by Ellabee Andrews – 20 December 2019 (Dystopian)

Marked by Blood (The Marked Book 2) by Rinna Ford – 19 December 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Dreadful Spells & Jingle Bells: Paranormal Christmas Anthology by K.A. Morse, Trina Bates, Evelyn Belle, C.A. Higgins, Sarah Louise, Emily James Taylor, Alexis Taylor, K.A. Knight, Jenée Robinson19 December 2019 (Paranormal Fantasy)

Kingdom of Villains and Vengeance (Kingdom of Darkness and Light Book 2) by Laura Greenwood, H.M. Gooden, Chelli Larsen, Anne Stryker, Cassidy Taylor, M.T. Finnberg, Majanka Verstraete, Lauren Connors – 18 December 2019 (Fairytale Retelling/Paranormal Fantasy)


Kingdom of Crowns and Glory (Kingdom of Darkness and Light Book 1) by Laura Greenwood, H.M. Gooden, Chelli Larsen, Anne Stryker, Cassidy Taylor, M.T. Finnberg, Majanka Verstraete, Lauren Connors – 18 December 2019 (Fairytale Retelling/Paranormal Fantasy)

Darkness Beckons (Kat Drummond Book 5) by Nicholas Woode-Smith – 17 December 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Baby + the Late Night Howlers by Kathryn Moon – 17 December 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Entropy (Tessa Avery Book 3) by Lucy Roy – 16 December 2019 (YA Fantasy)

Between Feathers and Midnight (A slivered Realms Erotica Short Story) by Kandi Vale – 15 December 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Erotica)

Truth Revealed (Unlocked Book 4) by Lana Kole – 15 December 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Dreaming of Death: A Reverse Harem Horror Standalone by Jewels Arthur – 15 December 2019 (Horror/Reverse Harem)


The Wanted (An Enchanted Magic Novel) by Rory Miles – 13 December 2019 (Paranormal Fantasy/Reverse Harem)

When the Mask Falls by Raye Rivers – 11 December 2019 (Erotica)

Don’t Break Me. (Araceli Chronicles) by Josephine Wrightson – 10 December 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Valley of the Shadow (Elemental World Holiday Novella) by Elizabeth Hunter – 10 December 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Valkyrie’s Choice (The Heir of the East Book 2) by Arizona Tape – 7 December 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

The Wolf At My Door (Pack Heat Book 1) by Sam Hall – 7 December 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)


Taming the Ringmaster (Her Freaks Book 2) by K.A. Knight, Erin O’Kane – 6 December 2019 (Dystopian/Reverse Harem)

Love & Rage: God Academy Novella Part 1 by Stephanie Hassenplug – 5 December (Paranormal Romance)

Dragon Tide: Rock Eaters (Dragon Tide #8) by Sarah K. L. Wilson – 5 December 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

Necrolord (Kat Drummond Book 4) by Nicholas Woode-Smith – 3 December 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

The Librarian’s Vampire Assistant, Book 4 by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff – 3 December 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Knife’s Edge (The Primal Series Book 5) by Monique Singleton – 3 December (Urban Fantasy)

The Grunch Who Stole Winter Solstice (Gothic Tales Book 6) by Michael W. Huard – 3 December 2019 (Fairytale Retelling)

Miss Frost Says I Do and Spider Too: A Nocturne Falls Mystery (Jayne Frost Book 7) by Kristen Painter – 2 December 2019 (Paranormal Mystery)

Valkyrie’s Oath (The Heir of the East Book 1) by Arizona Tape – 1 December 2019 (Paranormal Romance)



Motherf*cker by M.J. Marstens – 30 November 2019 (Fantasy Romance/Reverse Harem)

31 Overlook Hotel: 31 Authors, one Hotel of a story by Hargrove Perth, JA Stone, J.C. Seal, L.L. Hunter, Charlotte Brice, Tina Morlock, Kyra Quinn, L.P. Dillon, Evi Star, Leann Ryans, Louise Dawn, Luna Sela, Jessica Mandella, Karen Black, Darcee VanMullekom, T. A. Moorman, T.M. Haught, DL James, C J Bahr, Lorelai Watson, Scarlett Holloway, Sandra Daniels, Paula Acton, Andreea Pryde, Lennie Grace, MJ Vieira, Ron Stelle, Ripley Archer, Stephen Goss, S.K. Yule, Kira Burns – 30 November 2019 (Horror)

Servant of Chaos by Laura Greenwood – 28 November 2019 (Fairytale Retelling)

Feral Claws (The Midnight Panther Chronicles Book 1) by Brooke Saylor – 28 November 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Where Winter Finds You: A Caldwell Christmas (The Black Dagger Brotherhood series Book 18) by J.R. Ward – 26 November 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

The Keys: Ethos Society Part Two by Chloe Gunter – 26 November 2019 (Technothriller/Reverse Harem)

Night’s Reckoning (Elemental Legacy Book 3) by Elizabeth Hunter – 26 November 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Dark Horizon by N.M. Black – 26 November 2019 (Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopian/Paranormal Romance)


Rest in Pieces (Barbie: The Vampire Hunter Book 1) by Lucinda Dark – 25 November 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Capturing Carmen: A Dark Alien Sci-Fi (The Forsaken Book 1) by K.A Knight, Loxley Savage – 23 November 2019 (Science Fiction Romance)

Dragon Soul (Dragon Blood Book 2) by Katie Cherry – 23 November 2019 (Paranormal Fantasy)

Devil’s Gambit (Kat Drummond Book 3) by Nicholas Woode-Smith – 22 November 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Shadow Warrior (The Nightwatch Academy Book 3) by Debbie Cassidy – 21 November 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance)

Miss Fortune: A Love Triangle Romantic Comedy by Kitty Gallant – 21 November 2019 (Contemporary Romance)


Necromancer Unleashed (Stones of Amaria Book 2) by Lindsey R. Loucks – 21 November 2019 (YA Urban Fantasy)

Euphoria: A Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance (The Carnal Court Book 2) by Devyn Sinclair – 21 November 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

A Witch Called Red: A New Adult Urban Fantasy (Red Witch Chronicles 1) by Sami Valentine – 20 November 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Liberation (Substation 7 Book Two) by Kell inkston – 19 November 2019 (Steampunk/Magitech Fantasy)

Give up the Ghost (The Nightwatch Book 2) by Debbie Cassidy – 19 November 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Magic Freed: Heart Mountain Academy, Book Two by Alexes Razevich – 18 November 2019 (Paranormal Fantasy/Dystopian)


Hunt Little Wolf: The Aurora Marelup Series by Serenity Rayne – 18 November 2019 (Dark Fantasy Romance/Reverse Harem)

A Twisted Rejection by BBB Publishings, Jewels Arthur, Bella Claire, Alexis Taylor, Amanda Cashure, Miki Ward, Beth Hendrix  – 17 November 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Valkyrie 104 (The Afterlife Academy: Valkyrie Book 4) by Arizona Tape – 17 November 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Dragon Tide: Keys of Destiny (Dragon Tide #7) by Sarah K. L. Wilson – 17 November 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

Igniting Bonds (The Anomaly Series Companion Novella Book 1) by Aster North – 16 November 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Reverse Harem)

Tattoos and Prophecies (Amulet of Queens Book 2) by Everly Taylor – 12 November 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy)

Salvaged (Releasing the Magic Book 2) by Maya Riley – 12 November 2019 (Post-Apocalyptic/Reverse Harem)

Steamed: A Steampunk Anthology by Jennie L. Morris, Joshua Ian, Lorah Jaiyn, T. Elizabeth Guthrie, Kendra Moreno, Vanessa Ross, J.V. Stanley, Casia Courtier – 11 November 2019 (Steampunk)


Endless Knight (Darkling Mage Book 9) by Nazri Noor – 11 November 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Embraced by Shadows: Shadowborn Series Book Three by Erin O’Kane – 10 November 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Box of Puppets (Foxy Witch Book 1) by Aster North – 9 November 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Reverse Harem)

Scarlett Limerence by K.A Knight – 8 November 2019 (Contemporary Romance)

Wild Hart: The Hart Duet Book Two by Bo Reid – 8 November 2019 (Contemporary Romance)


Blood Cartel (Kat Drummond Book 2) by Nicholas Woode-Smith – 8 November 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Tomes, Tombs, and Time: An LGBT+ Science Fiction and Fantasy Anthology by Heather Marie Adkins, K.T. Brown, Sophia Danielle, Elentiya Drake, N.J. Ember, Abram Frost, Sarah Beth James, Amir Lane, Sara A. Mosier, Christopher St Clair – 8 November 2019 (Science Fiction/Urban Fantasy)

Academy of Monsters (Descendants of Nightmares Book One) by Madeline Fay, Jenee Robinson – 7 November 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Reverse Harem)

Recipe for Disaster (A Violetta Massoni Adventure Book Book 2) by Theda Vallee – 6 November 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy)

Autumngale (Bridge of Legends Book 3) by Sarah K.L. Wilson – 5 November 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

Queen of Seas: Dragons Rising Book Three by Alisha Klapheke – 5 November 2019 (Epic Fantasy)


Blaze: A Dystopian, Reverse Harem, Paranormal Romance Novel by Amelia Oliver – 4 November 2019 (Dystopian/Reverse Harem)

Red and the Restorer (Red Hood Origins Book 3) by Kendrai Meeks – 2 November 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Righteous Hood (Red Hood Chronicles Book 5) by Kendrai Meeks – 2 November 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Imprismed: Captured in Rainbowland (Fairy Tales Retold for RH) by M.J. Marstens – 29 October 2019 (Fantasy Romance/Reverse Harem)

Rogue Souls: A Limited Edition Reverse Harem Anthology by Quirah Casey, Tiegan Clyne, Margo Bond Collins, Allyson Lindt, Niobe Marsh, Delilah mohan, Cookie Scott – 1 November 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

All the Teacher’s Pet Beasts: Shifter Days, Twin Afternoons, Vampire Nights Paranormal Romance by N.J. Adel – 1 November 2019 (Paranormal Romance)



Friends With The Monsters by Albany Walker – 31 October 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Santa Strikes Back (Heated Holiday Shorts Book 2) by Everly Taylor – 31 October 2019 (Fantasy Romance/Reverse Harem)

Bite of My Life by Rozie Marshall – 31 October 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

A Reaper Halloween (The Reapers Novella) by Bo Reid – 31 October 2019 (Crime Fiction/Romantic Suspense/Reverse Harem)

The Dark Deliverance (The Chosen Coven Book 3) by D.L. Blade – 31 October 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Fallen Rose (Vampire Origins Book 1) by Emma Lowe – 31 October 2019 (Paranormal Fantasy/Horror)


Second Son (The Sullivan Gray Series Book 6) by H.P. Bayne – 31 October 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Mystery)

Masked by Vengeance (Vega City Vigilantes Book 1) by A.J. Macey – 31 October 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Rising Sun (The Red Trilogy Book 1) by Lyla Oweds – 31 October 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Cerberus Rising: A short story by Amelia Oliver – 30 October 2019 (Fantasy/Horror)

Saviour (The Full-Blood Book 2) by Serena Nova – 30 October 2019 (Fantasy Romance/Reverse Harem)

Dragon Tide: Tides of Change (Dragon Tide #6) by Sarah K. L. Wilson – 30 October 2019 (Epic Fantasy)


Lady of the Underworld: A Paranormal Romance (Operation Hades Book 1) by Skyler Andra – 29 October 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Queen of Hell by Lexi Swann – 29 October 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Unknown Realms: A Fiction-Atlas Press Anthology by C.L. Cannon, Kate Reedwood, Chris Heinicke, K Matt, Erin Casey, Devorah Fox, K.A. Wiggins, Mackenzie Flohr, Melissa E. Beckwith, Trish Beninato, C. A. King – 28 October 2018 (Science Fiction/Fantasy)

Monsters (Prodigium Academy Book 1) by Katie May – 28 October 2019 (Paranormal Fantasy/Reverse Harem)

Spectral Vibrations (The Spectrum of Power Book 1) by Mercy DeSimone – 27 October 2019 (Science Fiction/Fantasy Romance)

Daring Provocation (Shadow Veil Academy Book 3) by Heather Renee – 26 October 2019 (Urban Fantasy.Paranormal Romance)

Magical Creatures Academy – Next Level 1: Power Streak by Lucia Ashta – 26 October 2018 (YA Fantasy)

Carmine: Blood and Thunder (Shades of Red Book 4) by T.L. Christianson – 25 October 2019 (Paranormal Romance) 


Adventures in Sugarland (Fairy Tales Retold for RH) by M.J. Marstens – 25 October 2019 (Fantasy Romance/Reverse Harem)

Part-Time Monster Hunter (Kat Drummond Book 1) by Nicholas Woode-Smith – 25 October 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Touch of Fate: The Collectors Book 4 by Autumn Reed – 24 October 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Howls & Horrors: All Hallows Night Anthology by K.A. Morse, Brandy Slaven, Jenée Robinson, J.J. Dean, Rinna Ford, AnnaJo Brereton, April Bock, Elizabeth Ellis, Alexis Taylor, AC Wilds, Isobelle Carmichael, Rhiannon Lee, Candice Wright, Katie May, K.B. Everly, Miki Ward, Evelyn Belle, Aspen Marks – 24 October 2019 (Horror)


A Ghost of a Chance (The Nightwatch Book 1) by Debbie Cassidy – 22 October 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Light In Darkness (In The End Duology Book 2) by Ali Winters – 22 October 2019 (Dystopian/YA Fantasy)

Couldn’t Keep Her by Jenee Robinson, Ellabee Andrews – 22 October 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

The Horror Emporium: A Horror Anthology by K.A Knight, Poppy Woods, Kendra Moreno – 22 October 2019 (Horror)

Misery Undone (Unlocked Book Three) by Lana Kole – 21 October 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Sassy Witch: Bitchin Coven Book One by Madeline Fay – 21 October 2019 (Paranormal Romance/UrbanFantasy)


Insidious Nightmares: A Halloween Reverse Harem story by Ellabee Andrews 20 October 2019 (Horror)

Down &Out Witch: A New Adult Urban Fantasy (Red Witch Chronicles Novella) by Sami Valentine – 20 October 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Enchantress of the Underworld (Hell’s Apocalypse Series Book 2) by Madeline Fay – 19 October 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy)

Poems of a Phoenix (Pocket Fairy Poetry Book 1) by April Bock – 19 October 2019 (Poetry)

Sinful Confessions (Pocket Fairy Poetry Book 2) by April Bock – 19 October 2019 (Sensual Poetry)

4Eternity by Elizabeth G. Ellis – 19 October 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem) 

The Curse of Time (The Cursed Watches Book 1) by Andreea Pryde – 18 October 2019 (Paranormal Fantasy)


Gold, She Spins: A Historical Fantasy Fairy Tale Re-telling (A Never After Tale) by Avery Maitland – 18 October 2019 (Fairytale Retelling/Paranormal Romance)

Operation Ann: Infected Crisis by K.A. Morse – 17 October 2019 (Dystopian)

Hunted (The Feral Souls Trilogy Book One) by Erica Woods – 17 October 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Count Rothchild (A Gothic Vampire Tale) (Legends Book 1) by Michael W. Huard – 17 October 2019 (Paranormal Fantasy/Horror)

Prophecy of Magic: A Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Collection by M.R. Graham, Alyssa Drake and Bella Emy, Teresa Roman, Missy De Graff and Heather D. Glidewell, Leigh Anderson and Alice Wilde, Tanya Dawson, Fionn Jameson and Samantha Coville, Nikki Landis and Crimson Syn, Sidonia Rose, Kelsie Rae, Candace Sams and Jozie Mack, C. L. Coffey and J. S. Lee, Caia Daniels and April Canavan, Joel Crofoot, Marika Ray, Anna Edwards and Claire Marta, Katherine Hastings, Savannah Rose and Amelia Gates, David Burnett, Kira Nyte, T.M. Caruana, Nadine Travers, Calliope Bay, Sabrina Clare, Chloe Ward – 15 October 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy)

Sovereign Sacrifice (Air Awakens: Vortex Chronicles Book 4) by Elise Kova – 15 October 2019 (Epic Fantasy/Romance)

Head Case: A Halloween Classic Reimagined by Kendra Moreno, Poppy Woods – 15 October 2019 (Horror/Paranormal Romance)

Death’s Kiss: A Necromancer Romance by Lexi Swann – 15 October 2019 (Paranormal Romance)


Kingdom of Thorns and Dreams: A Limited Edition of Sleeping Beauty Retellings by Angelique Anderson, J.A. Armitage, A.D. Brazeau, Laynie Bynum, C.L. Cannon, Scarlett Kol, Kendrai Meeks, Jesikah Sundin, Majanka Verstraete, Mila Young – 15 October 2019 (Fairytale Retelling/Paranormal Romance)

Shadow Prophet (Midnight Chronicles Book 1) by Andrea Pearson – 15 October 2019 (Fantasy Romance)

Gift of Secrets: Barrier Witch Book Two by Amir Lane – 15 October 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Warrior Fae Princess (A Demon Days, Vampire Nights Novel) by KF Breene – 15 October 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy)

Ashen Feathers (The Anomaly Series Book 3) by Aster North – 12 October (Urban Fantasy/Reverse Harem)

Dragon Tide: Waves of Destiny (Dragon Tide #5) by Sarah K. L. Wilson – 12 October 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

Zarafa and the Higher Power: The Crystal Dragon Series Companion Novella by Katie Cherry – 12 October 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Heir of Stone (Legends of Lia Fáil Book 1) by Bella Andrews – 10 October 2019 (Urban Fantasy)


Shadow Weaver (The Nightwatch Academy Book 2) by Debbie Cassidy – 10 October 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance)

Necromancer Academy (Stones of Amaria Book 1) by Lindsey R. Loucks – 10 October 2019 (YA Urban Fantasy)

Sharpest Sting (Elemental Assassin, #18) by Jennifer Estep – 8 October 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Playing with Fire Boxset by Adrienne Woods, Carlyle Labuschagne, Kristin Ping, Toni Cox, Majanka Verstraete, Carissa Andrews, Ashley Nicole Bye, Kathrin Hutson, Kat Stiles, Kat Parrish, Karen Mueller, Monique Singleton – 8 October 2019 (Fantasy Romance)

The Vampire’s Priceless Treasure (Nocturne Falls Book 11) by Kristen Painter – 7 October 2019 (Paranormal Romance)


Tainted Blood: A zombie Reverse Harem novel (Forsaken Hope Book 1) by Ellabee Andrews – 5 October 2019 (Dystopian)

Raven Point Pack – Omnibus Edition: A Wolf Shifter Paranormal Romance by Heather Renee – 5 October 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

The Darkest Gateway: Booke of Hidden Book Four by Jeri Westerson – 2 October 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Queen Awakens (The Dark Secrets Chronicles Book 1) by Trish Beninato – 1 October 2019 (Paranormal Romance)



The Cities (Their Champion Book 3) by K.A Knight – 30 September 2019 (Dystopian/Reverse Harem)

Vengeance by Crystal North – 30 September 2019 (Contemporary Romance)

Evanescent: (A Reverse Harem Fantasy) (Liminal Academy Book 1) by M.J. Marstens – 30 September 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Catching a Warlock (Grimalkin Academy: Catacombs Book 3) by Laura Greenwood – 30 September 2019 (YA Paranormal Romance)

Tainted Throne (Crown of Blood and Frost Book 2) by CY Jones – 30 September 2019 (Horror Romance/Urban Fantasy)


Awakening (Legends from the Land of Shaarn Book 1) by P.D. Dennison – 30 September 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

Daughter of Medusa (Scorned by the Gods Book 2) by Jessica Cage – 30 September 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Goddess Claimed (Claimed by the Goddess Book 4) by Rozie Marshall – 29 September 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Deadly Declarations (Shadow Veil Academy Book 2) by Heather Renee – 26 September 2019 (Urban Fantasy.Paranormal Romance)

Catching a Wizard (Grimalkin Academy: Catacombs Book 2) by Laura Greenwood – 26 September 2019 (YA Paranormal Romance)


Fate of Dragons (The Guardians Series Book 1) by Bella Andrews – 26 September 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Fae: Lost (Lost Royal Book 1) by Eva Blackwing – 25 September 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Condemnation (Substation 7 Book One) by Kell Inkston – 25 September 2019 (Stempunk/Magitech Fantasy)

Realms of Magic: A Spellcasters Short Story Collection by Ashley McLeo, Kelly N. Jane, Jaci Miller, Tamara Rokicki, Margo Ryerkerk, Katie Cherry, Melania Tolan, Helen Vivienne Fletcher – 24 September 2019 (Fantasy)

Dragon Tide: Bubbles of Hope (Dragon Tide #4) by Sarah K. L. Wilson – 24 September 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

Mischief in New Orleans (Accidentally Undercover Mysteries Book 2) by Lucy Quinn – 24 September 2019 (Contemporary Suspense)

Leaving Eden by Kelly A. Walker, Serena Lindahl, Lexie Weston, Emma Cole, Petra J. Knox, Kandi Vale, Lucy Roy – 24 September 2019 (Dark Romance/Reverse Harem)

A Legacy Witch (Spellcasters Spy Academy Book 1) by Ashley McLeo – 23 September 2019 (YA Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance)


Echoes of the Past (The Alina Chronicles Book 1) by Regina J. Robinson – 21 September 2019 (Dark Fantasy Romance)

Ascend Little Wolf: The Aurora Marelup Series by Serenity Rayne – 20 September 2019 (Dark Fantasy Romance/Reverse Harem)

Survivor: Planet Athion (Survivors Heart Book 3) by Debbie Cassidy – 19 September 2019 (Sci-Fi/Reverse Harem)

Mr. Hollywood’s Assistant : (A Curvy Romantic Comedy) by Kitty Gallant – 19 September 2019 (Contemporary Romance)

Rogue Skies: A Limited Edition Science Fiction & Fantasy Collection by Missy De Graff, Bella Andrews, Ashlee Nicole Bye, Emma Jane Holloway, Candace Sams, Melinda Kucsera, Jennifer Ellision, Mirren Hogan, Suzanne Jenkins, Brantwijn Serrah, C.L. Cannon, S.A. McClure, Karen M. Bryson, Candace Segar, Rae Hendricks, Lianne Willowmoon, Lee French, Tamsin Baker, Joynell Schultz, Tracy Korn, Shannon Pemrick, Suzanne Hagelin, Nadine Travers, Cecilia Dominic, Bill Hargenrader, Jason J. Nugent, Shereen Vedam – 17 September 2019 (Science Fiction/Fantasy)


Land of Nightmares by BBB Publishings, Brandy Slaven, Beth Hendrix, Alexis Taylor, Darcy Ray, Nikki Bopp, Candice Wright, A.C. Wilds, Amanda Cashure, Everly Taylor, Deborah Alexander, Jewels Arthur, Isobelle Carmichael, A.C. Pontone, Arden M. Ward – 16 September 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Horror)

The Hunt by Jenee Robinson – 14 September 2019 (Paranormal Fantasy)

Angel Wings (Trappers, Inc. Book 2) by D.N. Hoxa – 14 September 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Jinx’ing Your Future: A Jinx Family Novella by Bo Reid – 13 September 2019 (Contemporary Fiction)

Death’s Choice by Laura Greenwood – 12 September 2019 (Paranormal Fantasy)


Shadow Caster (The Nightwatch Academy Book 1) by Debbie Cassidy – 10 September 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance)

Falling into Chaos by Liz Knox, Courtney Lynn Rose, Iris Sweetwater, Nikki Landis, Nikki Hunter, Lulu M. Sylvian, Kendra Moreno, A.K. Koonce, Kelly A. Walker, Clarise Tan – 10 September 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Warrior Fae Trapped (A Demon Days, Vampire Nights Novel) by KF Breene – 10 September 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy)

Dance With Death (Curse Breakers Book 3) by Becca Vincenza – 10 September 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Betrayal Exposed (Unlocked Book Two) by Lana Kole – 6 September 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)


Witchling Academy: Semester Five (Spell Traveler Chronicles Book 5) by Avery Song – 6 September 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Reverse Harem)

Soul Fire (Darkling Mage Book 8) by Nazri Noor – 6 September 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

What the Fangs (The Vampire Detective Book 2) by Arizona Tape, Laura Greenwood – 6 September 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Dawnspell (Bridge of Legends Book 2) by Sarah K.L. Wilson – 6 September 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

Dragon Tide: Desperate Flight (Dragon Tide #3) by Sarah K. L. Wilson – 6 September 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

Fusion Magic: Magical Creatures Academy World (Sirangel Book 3) by Lucia Ashta – 6 September 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Valkyrie 103 (The Afterlife Academy: Valkyrie Book 3) by Arizona Tape – 1 September 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

The Hidden (Shadowed Wings Book 1) by Ivy Asher – 1 September 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Phases of Change: A Shifter Anthology (Moonlight Writers Anthologies Book 3) by Kate Bonham, Nikki Bopp, J.A. Cummings, T. Elizabeth Guthrie, Rose A. Lee, Bee Murray, Mandy Russell, Eryn Ryans, Everly Taylor1 September 2019 (Urban Fantasy)



Under the Lies: A Reverse Harem Series (The Villainous Wonderland Series Book 3) by A.K. Koonce – 31 August 2019 (Fairytale Retelling/Reverse Harem)

Curses Start Somewhere (Grimalkin Academy Kittens Prequel) by Laura Greenwood – 31 August 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

The Hand Collector (Blacksaw University Book 1) by Marian Gray – 31 August 2019 (Paranormal Fantasy)

Reaping Willow (Trappers, Inc. Book 1) by D.N. Hoxa – 31 August 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

The Pures (The Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse Book 1) by A.C. Wilds, Candice Wright, Aspen Marks, Isobelle Carmichael – 29 August 2019 (Fantasy Romance)

Rising Alpha (The Fated Mates Series Book 1) by Jen L. Grey – 29 August 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Ebba-Viva Fairisles: Mortal Trinity (Pirates of Felicity Book 7) by Kelly St Clare – 29 August 2019 (YA Fantasy)


Infernally Mine (The Infernal Blade Book 1) by Jewels Arthur – 29 August 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

My Guardian Demon: A demonic Paranormal Anthology by K.A. Morse, M. Lizbeth, Miki Ward, Beth Hendrix, Rieka Eli, A.M. Hardin, Sarah Louise, Nikki Young, K.N. Thompson, Evelyn Belle, Jenee Robinson, Brandi Bell, Alexis Taylor, Author DC Lewis, Dante James27 August 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

The Blacksmith Queen (The Scarred Earth Saga Book 1) by G.A. Aiken – 27 August (Fantasy Romance)

Rexes & Robbers (Dinoverse Book 2) by Kendra Moreno – 27 August 2019 (Paranormal Fantasy/Romance)

Dances with Raptors (Dinoverse Book 1) by Poppy Woods – 27 August 2019 (Paranormal Fantasy/Romance)


Total Lunar Eclipse (A Reverse Harem Fantasy Novel) (The Afflicted Zodiac Book 3) by M.J. Marstens – 27 August 2019 (Fantasy Romance/Reverse Harem)

Second Time’s A Curse (Grimalkin Academy Kittens Book 2) by Laura Greenwood – 26 August 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Academy For The Fallen: Year One (Underworld Academy Book 1) by Avery Song – 25 August 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Where The Blue Thorns Grow by Maya Riley – 22 August 2019 (Contemporary Romance/Adventure)

Scholarship Girl (Shadow Academy Book 1) by Kat Cotton – 22 August 2019 (YA Urban Fantasy)


Dreaming of Ayama (Dawnbreaker Book 2) by K.A Knight – 20 August 2019 (Sci Fi/Reverse Harem)

Legend of the Stone (Sword of Ages Book 1) by Jenee Robinson – 20 August 2019 (Fantasy/Reverse Harem)

Fate’s Destiny (Heart of Darkness Book 3) by Debbie Cassidy – 20 August 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Deception (The Reapers Book 2) by Bo Reid – 19 August 2019 (Crime Fiction/Romantic Suspense/Reverse Harem)

Dragon Tide: Dragon Staff (Dragon Tide #2) by Sarah K. L. Wilson – 19 August 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

The Unlikeable Demon Hunter Collection: Books 4-6 (Nava Katz Box Set Book 2) by Deborah Wilde – 18 August 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Their Hybrid: Steampunk Reverse Harem by Skye MacKinnon – 17 August 2019 (Stempunk/Reverse Harem)

Urban Magic, Hungry Young & Clever: An Urban Fantasy Anthology by Martha Carr, Michael Anderle, Charley Case, John P. Longsdon, Orlando A. Sanchez, Kimbra Swain, Sarah Nofke, Nazri Noor, Ramy Vance, Rick Gualtieri, Noah K. Studevant – 16 August 2019 (Urban Fantasy)


Aurora’s Betrayal (The Lost Coven Book 2) by K.A Knight – 16 August 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

WOLF BONDED (Finding My Pack Series Book 2) by Yumoyori Wilson –15 August 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Nocturna League: The Deafening Silence (Nocturna League #10) by Kell Inkston – 15 August 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

Pack of Freaks (Beasts Among Us Book 2) by Jennifer Zamboni – 14 August 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

In My Blood: A Paranormal Academy Reverse Harem Romance (Angel Academy Year Two) by Riley London – 14 August 2019 (YA Fantasy/Paranormal Romance)

Magic and Mayhem: A Paranormal And Fantasy Academy Collection by Arizona Tape, Margo Bond Collins with Ivy Hearne, Laura Greenwood with L.A. Boruff, Catherine Banks, Lili Zander, Joely Sue Burkhart, Quinn Arthurs, Nikki Landis, May Dawson, Keira Blackwood with Liza Street, Grace White, Bethany Jadin, Tabitha Barret, Cecilia Randell, Jaliza A. Burwell, Gina Wynn – 13 August 2019 (Paranormal Fantasy)


Blood Truth (Black Dagger Legacy Book 4) by J.R. Ward – 13 August 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Rogue: Planet Athion (Survivors Heart Book 2) by Debbie Cassidy – 13 August 2019 (Sci-Fi/Reverse Harem)

Magic Forbidden: Heart Mountain Academy, Book One by Alexes Razevich – 13 August 2019 (Paranormal Fantasy/Dystopian)

Hate to Love you: An enemies to lovers anthology by bbb Publishings, Ryann Elizabeth, Stephanie Hassenplug, Isobelle Carmichael, Leann Ryans, Natalie-Nicole Bates, Edeline Wrigh, A.C. Wilds, Candice Wright, Everly Taylor, Kathrine L. Evans, Eve Newton, A.C. Williams, Eve L. Mitchell, Dora Blume, Alexis Taylor, Beth Hendrix – 12 August 2019 (Romance)

Immortal Bloodlines: A STANDALONE Vampire Romance (Vampire Mates) by Jessica Cage – 12 August 2019 (Paranormal Romance)


Curse Breaker: Kingdom of Runes Book 2 by Audrey Grey – 12 August 2019 (YA Fantasy)

DARK SWAN: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance (Shattered Souls Series Book 2) by Yumoyori Wilson – 11 August 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Magic Touch (Supernatural Bounty Hunter Series Book 3) by Leia Stone, Lucia Ashta – 9 August 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance)

Witchling Academy: Semester Four (Spell Traveler Chronicles Book 4) by Avery Song – 9 August 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Reverse Harem)

Diary of a Reformed Mean Girl (Reformed Series Book 1) by CY Jones – 9 August 2019 (Fantasy Romance/Reverse Harem)

Gothic Lil Faerie (Gothic Tales Book 5) by Michael W. Huard – 8 August 2019 (Gothic Fairytales)

Daivat (Xenocrates Book 2) by Kayla Erickson – 7 August 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Reverse Harem)

Queen of Trials (Aurelia Chronicles Book 3) by Rinna Ford – 6 August 2019 (Paranormal Romance)


Dead End (Chronicles of Deadworld Book 4) by Debbie Cassidy – 6 August 2019 (Post-Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy/Reverse Harem)

Through the Woods (Juniper’s Sight Book 2) by Rowan Thalia, Jarica James – 5 August 2019 (Paranormal Mystery/Reverse Harem)

Death Ruins (Changer Series Book 3) by A.C. Wilds – 5 August 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

The Forgettable Miss French (Shadowvale #3) by Kristen Painter – 5 August 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Magical Creatures Academy 3: Mage Shifter by Lucia Ashta – 4 August 2019 (YA Fantasy)

The Tracker Hive Academy: Year Two (Jade Storm Tracker Series Book 2) by Avery Song – 3 August 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Deafening Silence: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance (Manhunter Book 1) by Rowan Thalia – 2 August 2019 (Dark Contemporary Romance/Reverse Harem)

Blazing Petals (The Anomaly Series Book 2) by Aster North – 2 August 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Reverse Harem)


S.S.S: Year Three (Supernatural Spy School Book 3) by Yumoyori Wilson – 2 August 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Dragon Tide: Dragonlet (Dragon Tide #1) by Sarah K. L. Wilson – 1 August 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

Hard to Kill (Hell Hounds Harem #6) by Briana Michaels – 1 August 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Hard to Love (Hell Hounds Harem #5) by Briana Michaels – 1 August 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Hard to Find (Hell Hounds Harem #4) by Briana Michaels – 1 August 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Something Wicked: A Witchy Anthology (Moonlight Writers Anthology Book 2) by Natalie-Nicole Bates, Kate Bonham, Rose A. Lee, Jessica Moon, Mandy Russell, Eryn Ryans, Everly Taylor – 1 August 2019 (Paranormal Fantasy/Paranormal Romance)

Fevered: A Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance (The Carnal Court Book 1) by Devyn Sinclair – 1 August 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)


JULY 2019

Hollow Road (The Sullivan Grey Series Book 5) by H.P. Bayne – 31 July 2019 (Paranormal Mystery/Urban Fantasy)

Dark Temptations Volume I: A Collection of short stories from K.A Knight & Erin O’Kane by K.A Knight, Erin O’Kane – 31 July 2019 (Fantasy Romance/Reverse Harem)

Paradox (Tessa Avery Book 2) by Lucy Roy – 30 July 2019 (YA Fantasy)

Dancing with Demons: A New Adult Urban Fantasy Adventure (The Beginner’s Guide to Selling Your Soul Book 1) by J.P. Rice – 29 July 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Satan’s Gift (Heated Holiday Shorts Book 1) by Everly Taylor – 28 July 2019 (Fantasy Romance/Reverse Harem)

Assassin Witch (The Bonegates Series Book 2) by Ashley McLeo – 27 July 2019 (Paranormal Fantasy)

Vengeance (Out For Blood Book 2) by CY Jones – 26 July 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Reverse Harem)

Once Upon A Wolf: A Reverse Harem Fairytale Academy Romance (Everafter Academy Book 1) by Scarlett Snow, Tiegan Clyne – 26 July 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)


Warrior Princess: A Chronicles Of The Throne Short Story by Quirah Casey – 25 July 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

The Last Vessel (The Chronicles of Luna Moon Book 1) by Winter Rose – 24 July 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Band of Breakers: Dragons Rising Book Two by Alisha Klapheke – 23 July 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

Unseen Trials: An Unseen Factions Novel by Katy Rose – 22 July 2019 (Epic Fantasy Romance/Reverse Harem)

Aether Magic: A Why Choose Novel (Elements of Twilight Book 2) by Isobelle Carmichael – 21 July 2019 (Dark Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Failed Future (Air Awakens: Vortex Chronicles Book 3) by Elise Kova – 21 July 2019 (Epic Fantasy/Romance)


Bonded By Fate (Alpha and Betas Book 2) by Brooke Warren – 20 July 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Renegades in Space (Soldiers of Blood & Ruin Book 3) by Rowan Thalia – 20 July 2019 (Post-Apocalyptic/Science Fiction/Reverse Harem)

The Lasts and the Faerie Curse by Tabitha Scott – 19 July 2019 (YA Urban Fantasy)

Chaos Unlocked (Unlocked Book One) by Lana Kole – 19 July 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Souls and Shadows: A Limited Edition Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Collection by Heather Marie Adkins, Lori Titus, Normandie Alleman, Nicole Morgan, Sharon Ashwood, Emerald Dodge, S.A. McClure, Anna Applegate, Tamar Sloan, Bella Andrews, Normandie Alleman, S.A. McClure, Anna Applegate, Claire Davon, Robert Jeschonek, Candace Sams, Angelique Armae, McKayla Schutt, Julie Kramer, Jenny Foster, Michele Barrow-Belisle, Adrienne Blake, Dani Rene, Cora Kenborn, JT Lawrence, Gomez D C, Sabrina Ramoth, Stefan Lear, E.M. Whitaker, Calliope Bay, Rebecca Hamilton – 16 July 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy)


Wyvern’s Lair (Desert Cursed Series Book 5) by Shannon Mayer – 16 July 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Gift of Shadows: Barrier Witch Book One by Amir Lane – 15 July 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Bloodroot by JA Stone – 15 July 2019 (Fantasy)

Genesis (Djinn Rebellion Book 5) by Jessica Cage – 15 July 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Broken Hart: The Hart Duet Book One by Bo Reid – 15 July 2019 (Contemporary Romance)

Dark of the Sea (An Ocean Fairy Tale) (Gothic Tales Book 4) by Michael W. Huard – 14 July 2019 (Gothic Fairytales)

Witchling Academy: Semester Three (Spell Traveler Chronicles Book 3) by Avery Song – 12 July 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Reverse Harem)

Cruel as a Queen (Sons of Wonderland Companion Book) by Kendra Moreno – 12 July 2019 (Dark Paranormal Fantasy/Romance)


Mark of Salem (Seeking Salem Book 1) by Jodie Szarmach – 11 July 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Hatched: Jennifer’s Diary: BBW Polyamorous Paranormal Romance (Xaerd Mates Book 2) by L. Starfyre – 10 July 2019 (Sci-Fi/Paranormal Romance)

Within the Wonder: A Reverse Harem Series (The Villainous Wonderland Series Book 2) by A.K. Koonce – 9 July 2019 (Fairytale Retelling/Reverse Harem)

Rogue: Planet Athion (Survivors Heart Book 1) by Debbie Cassidy – 8 July 2019 (Sci-Fi/Reverse Harem)


Song of the Seas (Siren Tales Book 1) by Evelyn Belle – 5 July 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

WOLF ALPHA (Proclaiming My Pack Series Book 1) by Yumoyori Wilson – 5 July 2018 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Brand New Blade: A Paranormal Academy Reverse Harem Romance (Angel Academy Year One) by Riley London – 4 July 2019 (YA Fantasy/Paranormal Romance)

Lost & Lucky (A Big Romance Duology Book 1) by Serena Nova – 4 July 2019 (Contemporary Romance/Reverse Harem)

Protect the Prince (A Crown of Shards Novel Book 2) by Jennifer Estep – 2 July 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

Dead Sea (Chronicles of Deadworld Book 3) by Debbie Cassidy – 2 July 2019 (Post-Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy/Reverse Harem)

Goddess Forging (Gods and Guardians Book 3) by Heather Hildenbrand – 2 July 2019 (YA Paranormal Romance)

Smoke and Survival (Best Wishes Book 2) by A.J. Macey – 1 July 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Valkyrie 102: How to Become a Valkyrie (The Afterlife Academy Book 2) by Arizona Tape – 1 July 2019 (Urban Fantasy)


JUNE 2019

The Heir of Windacre: A Magical YA Fantasy Adventure (Tales of Naimonet Book 3) by Thalia Blake – 30 June 2019 (YA Fantasy)

The Marked and the Broken (The Lost Sentinel Book 3) by Ivy Asher – 29 June 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Not My Cup of Tea Alice (Dystopian Fairytale Series) by Madeline Fay – 29 June 2019 (Dark Romance/Dystopian Fairytales)

So Deep the Ocean (The Brightling Court Series book 3) by Elle Cross – 28 June 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Summernight (Bridge of Legends Book 1) by Sarah K.L. Wilson – 28 June 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

Marvels and Misfits (Trixie Towers Book 1) by Scarlett Dawn – 27 June 2019 (Paranormal Mystery)


Peril in Pensacola (Accidentally Undercover Mysteries Book 1) by Lucy Quinn – 27 June 2019 (Contemporary Suspense)

The Rites: Ethos Society Part One by Chloe Gunter – 26 June 2019 (Technothriller/Reverse Harem)

Delayed Admissions (Shadow Veil Academy Book 1) by Heather Renee – 25 June 2019 (Urban Fantasy.Paranormal Romance)

Ruby: Blood is Thicker Than Water (Shades of Red Book 3) by T.L. Christianson – 25 June 2019 (Paranormal Romance) 

Kingdom of Exiles (The Beast Charmer Book 1) by Maxym M. Martineau – 25 June 2019 (Epic Fantasy Romance)

First Time’s A Charm (Grimalkin Academy Kittens Book 1) by Laura Greenwood – 24 June 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

The Vampire’s Cursed Kiss (Shadowvale #2) by Kristen Painter – 24 June 2019 (Paranormal Romance)


Paranormal Academy: A Limited Edition Paranormal Romance and Reverse Harem Collection by Elena Lawson, Rebecca Ethington, May Dawson, Lena Mae Hill, LJ Swallow, Heather Marie Adkins, April Canavan, K.N. Lee, Angela Kulig, Scarlett Haven, Solo Storm, Skyler Andra, Laura Greenwood, Elena Gray, Kelli McCracken, Ashlee Nicole Bye, Madison Stone, Kat Parrish – 22 June 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Mutant Academy (The Fundamental Society Book 1) by Yumoyori Wilson – 21 June 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Touch of Promise: The Collectors Book 3 by Autumn Reed – 21 June 2019 (Paranormal Romace/Reverse Harem)

Renegades at War (Soldiers of Blood & Ruin Book 2) by Rowan Thalia – 20 June 2019 (Post-Apocalyptic/Science Fiction/Reverse Harem)

Ebba-Viva Fairisles: Eternal Gambit (Pirates of Felicity Book 6) by Kelly St Clare – 20 June 2019 (YA Fantasy)


Shipwreck Souls by Kendra Moreno, K.A. Knight, Poppy Woods – 18 June 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

For the Hunt (For the Blood Book 4) by Debbie Cassidy – 18 June (Post-Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy)

The Librarian’s Vampire Assistant, Book 3 by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff – 18 June 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Summer Solstice: A Limited Edition Collection of Fantasy & Paranormal Romances by Nicole Morgan, Laura Greenwood, Laurie Treacy, Candace Sams, Lesli Richardson, Carly O’Shea, Nikki Landis, Kat Parrish, Ashlee Nicole Bye, Krista Ames, Deelylah Mullin, Elana Brooks, Brenda Sparks, Katherine Kingston – 18 June 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Child of Earth: A Lunar Medallion Short (Lunar Medallion Series 2.5) by Lela Grayce – 16 June 2019 (YA Fantasy)


Fangs For Nothing (The Vampire Detective Book 1) by Arizona Tape, Laura Greenwood – 14 June 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

The Lost Heir (Crown of Blood and Frost Book 1) by CY Jones – 14 June 2019 (Horror Romance/Urban Fantasy)

Angel Magic: Magical Creatures Academy World (Sirangel Book 2) by Lucia Ashta – 13 June 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Infected (Releasing the Magic Book 1) by Maya Riley – 13 June 2019 (Post-Apocalyptic/Reverse Harem)

Quagon (The Crystal Dragon Series Book 3) by Katie Cherry – 12 June 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

Rogue Academy II: A Paranormal Academy Romance (Rogue Vampire Academy Book 2)  by Savannah Rose and Amelia Gates – 12 June 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Raven: An Urban Fantasy Adventure (Pack Book 1) by Jobie Baldwin – 11 June 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

The Two Kings (The Varundian Series Book 2) by Marian Gray – 11 June 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

Red Sandy Cat Detective: A noir satire by JA Stone – 9 June 2019 (Satire Fiction)


Twisted Flames (The Anomaly Series Book 1) by Aster North – 7 June 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Reverse Harem)

Her Dark Legion: A Paranormal Space Fantasy (Messenger Chronicles Book 5) by Pippa DaCosta – 7 June 2019 (Science Fiction/Reverse Harem)

Witchling Academy: Semester Two (Spell Traveler Chronicles Book 2) by Avery Song – 7 June 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Reverse Harem)

Sol & Lune: Book One by Kathryn Moon – 7 June 2019 (Fantasy Romance/Reverse Harem)

Blood Pact (Darkling Mage Book 7) by Nazri Noor- 6 June 2019 (Urban Fantasy)


Sin Eater (The Crossroads Priestess Book 3) by Tyranni Thomas – 6 June 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Reverse Harem)

Gravestone’s Manor (Gothic Tales Book 3) by Michael W. Huard – 5 June 2019 (Gothic Fairytales)

A Discovery of Faeries (The Immortal Brotherhood Book 2) by Alesha Escobar, H.M. Jones – 3 June 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Unicorn University: Year One (Academy of Unicorns Book 1) by Yumoyori Wilson – 2 June 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

The Tracker Hive Academy: Year One (Jade Storm Tracker Series Book 1) by Avery Song – 1 June 2019 (Urban Fantasy)


MAY 2019

Rage (Her Monsters Book 1) by K.A Knight – 31 May 2019 (Dark Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Twisted Tides: A Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance (Wicked Waves Book 1) by Erin O’Kane, Loxley Savage – 31 May 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

The Mermaid’s Lament (Shay Green Book One) by Alexes Razevich – 31 May 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Smoke and Wishes: Between the Wishes: Collection of Additional Scenes (Best Wishes Book 0) by A.J. Macey – 31 May 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Quantum Academy: Paranormal Academy Magical Romance by Savannah Rose, Amelia Gates – 31 May 2019 (Ya Fantasy)

S.S.S: Year Two (Supernatural Spy School Book 2) by Yumoyori Wilson – 31 May 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Magical Creatures Academy 2: Lion Shifter by Lucia Ashta – 31 May 2019 (YA Fantasy)

The Lost Queen : Mercury’s Heir by Delizhia Jenkins – 30 May 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Revolutionary (Minefield Enforcers Book 3) by LeAnn Mason – 29 May 2019 (YA Urban Science Fantasy)


Dragon Chameleon: Color of Victory (Dragon Chameleon #12) by Sarah K.L. Wilson – 29 May 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

Retrograde (A Reverse Harem Fantasy Novel) (The Afflicted Zodiac Book 2) by M.J. Marstens – 28 May 2019 (Fantasy Romance/Reverse Harem)

Dead City (Chronicles of Deadworld Book 2) by Debbie Cassidy – 28 May 2019 (Post-Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy/Reverse Harem)

Shadows and Sorcery: A Collection of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Novels by Heather Marie Adkins, Jen L. Grey with Nicole Kelley, J.R. Thorn with Lexi C. Foss, Linzi Baxter, Everly Frost, Brea Viragh, Dorothy Dreyer with Jenna Lee, Emma Hamm, Dani René, Caleb Wachter, S. Lawrence, Mikel Wilson, Yumoyori Wilson with Elle Cross, D.A. Stein, Samantha Britt, C.C. Dowling, Khardine Gray, Harper A. Brooks, Bella Andrews, Alex H. Singh, Miranda Lynn, Jolie St. Amant, Lexi Ostrow – 28 May 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance)

Grim: An Urban Fantasy Reverse Harem Romance (Death’s Apprentice Book 1) by Scarlett Snow, Tiegan Clyne – 27 May 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Reverse Harem)


The Sullivan Gray Series Box Set 1 (Books 2-4) by H.P. Bayne – 27 May 2019 (Paranormal Mystery/Urban Fantasy)

Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun (Ghouls Book 1) by Cece Rose, Scarlett Snow – 26 May 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy)

Lullaby of the Lilitu (Journals of Acheron Book 1) by Victoria A Wilder – 24 May 2019 (Horror/Paranormal Romance)

Bad Apple: Their Evil Queen Fairy Tale Reverse Harem Book One by Haylee Hart – 23 May 2019 (Fairytale Retelling/Reverse Harem)

Oath Taker: Kingdom of Runes Book 1 by Audrey Grey – 23 May 2019 (YA Fantasy)


Cry For Me: A Fantasy Reverese Harem Novel (The Gilded Cage Book 3) by Ellabee Andrews – 21 May 2019 (Parnaormal Fantasy/Reverse Harem)

Fallen Academy: Year Four (Fallen Academy Book 5) by Leia Stone – 20 May 2019 (YA Fantasy)

Reaper of Water (The Artifact Reaper Saga Book 4) by Jen L. Grey – 20 May 2019 (Paranormal Fantasy)

Rox’s Renegades (Soldiers of Blood & Ruin Book 1) by Rowan Thalia – 20 May 2019 (Post-Apocalyptic/Science Fiction/Reverse Harem)

DARK SWAN: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance (Shattered Souls Series Book 1) by Yumoyori Wilson – 19 May 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

The Chosen Coven Series Box Set: The Dark Awakening & The Dark Underworld (Books 1-2) by D.L. Blade – 18 May 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

The Dark Underworld (The Chosen Coven Book 2) by D.L. Blade – 18 May 2019 (Urban Fantasy)


Claiming Death (Changer Series Book 2) by A.C. Wilds – 17 May 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Death Wish (Reaper Reborn Book 1) by Harper Brooks – 17 May 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance)

Seduced by Myths: A Mythical Paranormal and Fantasy Anthology by C.R. Jane, Mila Young, Eva Chase, Joely Sue Burkhart, Helen Scott, Erin Bedford, Yumoyori Wilson, Elle Cross17 May 2019 (Paranormal Fantasy)

Rosie (Djinn Rebellion Book 4) by Jessica Cage – 17 May 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

A Turn of Pandemonium (Cirque du Shadow Book 1) by Miranda Brock – 16 May 2019 (Paranormal Fantasy)


Dragon Chameleon: Memory of Mountains (Dragon Chameleon #11) by Sarah K.L. Wilson – 15 May 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

Nocturna League: The Mask of the Visionary (Nocturna League #9) by Kell Inkston – 15 April 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

Into the Madness: A Reverse Harem Series (The Villainous Wonderland Series Book 1) by A.K. Koonce – 14 May 2019 (Fairytale Retelling/Reverse Harem)

Burn, Baby, Burn: A Magical Romantic Comedy (with a body count) by RJ Blain – 14 May 2019 (Paranormal Mystery)

10 Things Aliens Hate about You (Alienn, Arkansas #4) by Fiona Roarke – 14 May 2019 (Paranormal Romance)


Reclamation: A Zombie Apocalypse Reverse Harem (Revel and Rot Series Companion Novella) by Ellabee Andrews – 14 May 2019 (Post-Apocalyptic/Reverse Harem)

Shadows in the Mist: Booke of Hidden Book Three by Jeri Westerson – 14 May 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Birth of the Sand Viper: Origins of Jafar (Dark Immortal Flames Series Book 0) by LaSasha Flame – 13 May 2019 (Fairytale Retelling/Fantasy Romance)

The Trouble With Witches (Shadowvale #1) by Kristen Painter – 13 May 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Supernatural Academy: Year One by Jaymin Eve – 13 May 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Wish For Me (Destiny Jinn Series Book 4) by Yumoyori Wilson – 12 May 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)


More Than A Kiss: A Reverse Harem Anthology (Fairy Tales and Curses Book 1) by Lacey Carter Andersen, Alexis Taylor, Beth Hendrix, Jenee Robinson, K.A. Morse – 10 May 2019 (Fairytale Retelling/Reverse Harem)

Rogue Academy by Savannah Rose and Amelia Gates – 9 May 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

The Wolf and the Watcher (Red Hood Origins Book 2) by Kendrai Meeks – 8 May 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Cursed Lands: A Limited Edition Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Dystopian Collection by Emma Hamm, Nina Walker, Claire Luana, Dorothy Dreyer, Elle Scott, A.J. Flowers, Krista Street, Alison Ingleby, Taylor Haiden, B. Kristin McMichael, Ella Wayne, Jenna Lee, Char Webster, K.A. Parkinson, J.L. Myers, S K Gregory, Lichelle Slater, Michael J. Allen, Lee French, Candace Osmond, Belladona Cunning, Veronica Shade, Silver Nord, Amanda Roberts, Lorah Jaiyn, K.G. Reuss – 7 May 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance/Dystopian)

Hawk Witch (The Bonegates Series Book 1) by Ashley McLeo – 7 May 2019 (Paranormal Fantasy)

WOLF OMEGA (Finding My Pack Series Book 1) by Yumoyori Wilson – 5 May 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Betrayal (The Reapers Book 1) by Bo Reid – 5 May 2019 (Crime Fiction/Romantic Suspense/Reverse Harem)


Matched: Jennifer’s Diary: BBW Polyamorous Paranormal Romance (Xaerd Mates Book 1) by L. Starfyre – 5 May 2019 (Sci-Fi/Paranormal Romance)

Witchling Academy: Semester One (Spell Traveler Chronicles Book 1) by Avery Song – 3 May 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Reverse Harem)

The Descendants of Thor Trilogy Boxset: Forged in Blood and Lightning; Norns of Fate; Wrath of Aten by S.A. Ashdown – 2 May 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Dragon Chameleon: Golem Siege (Dragon Chameleon #10) by Sarah K.L. Wilson – 1 May 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

Chosen Champion (Air Awakens: Vortex Chronicles Book 2) by Elise Kova – 1 May  2019 (Epic Fantasy/Romance)

Valkyrie 101: How to become a Valkyrie by Arizona Tape – 1 May 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

By A Thread: Book 1 of The Trueborn Heirs Series by Nyna Queen – 1 May 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

The Hero Complex by K.A Knight, Erin O’Kane – 1 May 2019 (Urban Fantasy)


APRIL 2019

Diva of the Mist (Gothic Shorts Book 3) by Michael W. Huard – 29 April 2019 (Gothic Fairytales)

Midnight Miracle (The Crossroads Priestess Book 2) by Tyranni Thomas – 29 April 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Reverse Harem)

Marked Paradox: A Solar and Lunar Fae Story by Heather Renee – 29 April 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy)

Saint Code: Lost (Lucky Devil Series Book 4) by Megan Mackie – 29 April 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

The Death and The Crone (Lucky Devil Series Book 3) by Megan Mackie – 29 April 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

The Fallen (The Hunted Series Book 4) By Ali Winters – 25 April 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy)

That Night (A Nadira Holden Novel Book 2) by Azaaa Davis – 23 April 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Hypnos (Seeking the Zodiacs Book 1) by R.J. Blain – 23 April 2019 (Dystopian)

A Call To War (Unsung Veil Book 2) by Poppy Woods – 23 April 2019 (Paranormal Romance)


Deadworld (Chronicles of Deadworld Book 1) by Debbie Cassidy – 23 April 2019 (Post-Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy/Reverse Harem)

Faerie Blood (Fanged Fae Book 2) by Ashley McLeo – 23 April 2019 (Paranormal


The Waters (An Enchanted Magic Novel) by A.K. Clark – 21 April 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Feral as a Cat (Sons of Wonderland Book 3) by Kendra Moreno – 20 April 2019 (Dark Paranormal Fantasy/Romance)

The Lasts and the Missing Children by Tabitha Scott – 19 April 2019 (YA Urban Fantasy)

Crawl (The Sullivan Gray Series Book 4) by H.P. Bayne – 17 April 2019 (Paranormal Mystery/Urban Fantasy)

Dragon Chameleon: Creeping Darkness (Dragon Chameleon #9) by Sarah K.L. Wilson – 17 April 2019 (Epic Fantasy)


Into the Shadows (Juniper’s Sight Book 1) by Rowan Thalia, Jarica James – 17 April 2019 (Paranormal Mystery/Reverse Harem)

Tattoos and Cupcakes (Amulet of Queens Book 1) by Everly Taylor – 16 April 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy)

Fighting Evil: (Soul Catcher #3) by Mary Abshire – 16 April 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance)

The Forgotten (Their Champion Companion Novel Book 1) by K.A. Knight – 16 April 2019 (Dystopian/Reverse Harem)

Nocturna League: The Lurking Future (Nocturna League #8) by Kell Inkston – 15 April 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

The Webs That Bind: A Hundred Halls Novel (The Reluctant Assassin Book Five) by Thomas K. Carpenter – 15 April 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Trajectory: A Pendomus Chronicles Prequel (Pendomus Chronicles Book 0) by Carissa Andrews – 15 April 2018 (Dystopian)


A Captive Heart: A Magical YA Fantasy Adventure (Tales of Naimonet Book 2) by Thalia Blake – 15 April 2019 (YA Fantasy)

Onix Elixir (Mixologists and Pirates Book 5) by Frost Kay – 15 April 2019 (Sci-Fi)

Saving Rayne (Keepers of the Talisman Book 3) by Rowan Thalia – 14 April 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Ebba-Viva Fairisles: Veritas (Pirates of Felicity Book 5) by Kelly St Clare – 14 April 2019 (YA Fantasy)

Winds of Change (Hearts of Solara Book 1) by Reese Copeland – 14 April 2019 (Paranormal Fantasy)

Revenge (Out For Blood Book 1) by CY Jones – 12 April 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Reverse Harem)


Last Rites (Darkling Mage Book 6) by Nazri Noor – 11 April 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

The Phantom Queen by Miki Ward – 10 April 2019 (Paranormal Fantasy)

Blood Moon Magic (Fanged Fae Book 1) by Ashley McLeo – 9 April 2019 (Paranormal Fantasy)

Pandorum by N.M. Black – 9 April 2019 (Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopian/Paranormal Romance)

WOLF KEEPER (Claiming My Pack Series Book 4) by Yumoyori Wilson – 7 April 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Shades of Vengeance: Prequel Novella (Raven Point Pack Trilogy Book 4) by Heather Renee – 5 April 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

S.S.S (Supernatural Spy School Book 1) by Yumoyori Wilson – 5 April 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Fifth Flame (The Renegade Dragons Book 2) by Arizona Tape, Laura Greenwood – 4 April 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)


Dragon Chameleon: Shadow Quest (Dragon Chameleon #8) by Sarah K.L. Wilson – 3 April 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

Games of Grief (Baker Street Archives Book 2) by C.J. Strange – 3 April 2019 (Dystopian/Reverse Harem)

The Savior (The Black Dagger Brotherhood series Book 17) by J.R. Ward – 2 April 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Hearts of Fire: Heavenly Harem Book Two (Heavenly Harem: Angels of Darkness and Light A Reverse Harem Paranormal Dark Romance Fantasy) by Scarlette D’Noire – 1 April 2019 (Dark Paranormal Romance)

April’s Fools by Ivy Asher, Raven Kennedy – 1 April 2019 (Post-Apocalyptic/Reverse Harem)

Magical Creatures Academy 1: Night Shifter by Lucia Ashta – 1 April 2019 (YA Fantasy)


MARCH 2019

Grounded: Book 2 of The Coverton Chronicles by Ariz Brune – 30 March 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance)

Wildfire and Steel – A Dark Space Fantasy (Star Mage Saga Book 3) by J.J. Green – 30 March 2019 (Dark Space Fantasy)

The Cost of Wishing (A Fairy Godmother In Training Book 3) by Ellabee Andrews – 29 March 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Murder Save Me (Shifter tails Book 2) by Nikki Bopp – 29 March 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

The Innamorata and Her Clan of Dragons (The Dragon Clan Series Book 2) by Elizabeth Clare – 29 March 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)


Enchantress of Death (Hell’s Apocalypse Series Book 1) by Madeline Fay – 28 March 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy)

Fate of Dragons: Dragons Rising Book One by Alisha Klapheke – 27 March 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

In a Badger Way (The Honey Badger Chronicles Book 2) by Shelly Laurenston – 26 March 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Magic Sight (Supernatural Bounty Hunter Series Book 2) by Leia Stone, Lucia Ashta – 26 March 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance)

The Water Legacy (Academy of Magical Creatures Book 2) by Megan Linski  (Author), Alicia Rades – 26 March 2019 (YA Fantasy)

Chaos (Tessa Avery Book 1) by Lucy Roy – 26 March 2019 (YA Fantasy)


Curse Marked (The Marked Series Book 1) by Rinna Ford – 26 March 2019 (Reverse Harem)

Touch of Wrath: The Collectors Book 2 by Autumn Reed – 25 March 2019 (Paranormal Romace/Reverse Harem)

Goddess Claiming (Gods and Guardians Book 2) by Heather Hildenbrand – 3 April 2019 (YA Paranormal Romance)

Hunting Light (Demon Hunter’s Guild Book 2) by Savannah Rose, Amelia Gates – 23 March 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

The Primal Series Box Set (Books 1-3) by Monique Singleton – 21 March 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Obsidian Horizon (Blood of the Sea Book 3) by Heather Renee, Lela Grayce – 21 March 2019 (Paranormal Fantasy)


The Witch and the Werewolf (Betwixt Realms Book 1) by Edeline Wrigh – 21 March 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Lesbian Harem)

Siren Magic: Magical Creatures Academy World (Sirangel Book 1) by Lucia Ashta – 20 March 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Dragon Chameleon: Chase the Moon (Dragon Chameleon #7) by Sarah K.L. Wilson – 20 March 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

Gods’ Prophecy (Book One of the Destiny Series) by Denise Beeman – 20 March 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Protector (The Full-Blood Book 1) by Serena Nova – 20 March 2019 (Fantasy Romance/Reverse Harem)

Of Lore and Legends: A Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Limited Edition Anthology by K.N. Lee, Lia Davis, Grace White, Katherine Bogle, Ashlee Nicole Bye, Helen Allan – 19 March 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Vampir of Shadows (Gothic Tales Book 1) by Michael W. Huard – 19 March 2019 (Gothic Fairytales)


Catching An Evil Tail: (Soul Catcher #2) by Mary Abshire – 19 March 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance)

Last Dream of Her Mortal Soul (Portland Hafu #3) by K. Bird Lincoln – 19 March 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

For the Reign (For the Blood Book 3) by Debbie Cassidy – 19 March (Post-Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy)

The Devil and the Dancer: An Elemental Legacy Novella by Elizabeth Hunter – 19 March 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy)

Sin & Salvation (Demigods of San Francisco Book 3) by K.F. Breene – 19 March 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance)

The Light of God (A Heaven & Hell Fantasy) (Mystical Slayers Origin Book 2) by Michael W. Huard – 18 March 2019 (Dystopian)

The Crossroads Priestess by Tyranni Thomas – 16 March 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Reverse Harem)


Hunting Darkness (Demon Hunter’s Guild Book 1) by Savannah Rose, Amelia Gates – 16 March 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Nocturna League: The Navigator’s Throne (Nocturna League #7) by Kell Inkston – 15 March 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

Lost in Shadow: Shadowborn Series Book Two by Erin O’Kane – 15 March 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Keeping Rayne (Keepers of the Talisman Book 2) by Rowan Thalia – 14 March 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Reaper of Flames (The Artifact Reaper Saga Book 3) by Jen L. Grey – 14 March 2019 (Paranormal Fantasy)

Winter’s Web (Elemental Assassin, #17.5) by Jennifer Estep – 12 March 2019 (Urban Fantasy)


Agent Unraveled (The Reluctant Assassin Book Four) by Thomas K. Carpenter – 10 March 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

The Wild Interview (The Wild Boys Book 1) by K.A Knight  (Author), Erin O’Kane – 10 March 2019 (Contemporary Romance/Reverse Harem)

Bane of Winter (Heart of Darkness Book 2) by Debbie Cassidy – 7 March 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Kingdom of Salt and Sirens: A Limited Edition of Little Mermaid Retellings (Kingdom of Fairytales Book 2) by J.A. Armitage, R Castro, Mira Crest, Jennifer Ellision, Laura Greenwood, Scarlett Kol, Tracy Korn, Nikki Landis, K.M Pyne, Jacque Stevens, Anne Stryker – 7 March 2019 (Fairytale Retelling)

Dragon Chameleon: World of Legends (Dragon Chameleon #6) by Sarah K.L. Wilson – 6 March 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

Mystic Bonds: Paranormal World: Book One by CC Solomon – 5 March 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: Burn (Nava Katz Book 6) by Deborah Wilde – 5 March 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Secrets of the Dead (Curse Breakers Book 2) by Becca Vincenza – 5 March 2019 (Urban Fantasy


Blood Moon Magic: A Why Choose Novel (Elements of Twilight Book 1) by Isobelle Carmichael – 4 March 2019 (Dark Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Redemption of the Fae (The Creeper Saga Book 3) by Jenee Robinson – 3 March 2019 (YA Fantasy/Reverse Harem)

Wish For Me (Destiny Jinn Series Book 3) by Yumoyori Wilson – 3 March 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Maestra (Immortelle Book 2) by Elle Cross – 2  March 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance) 

Games of Genus (Baker Street Archives Book 1) by C.J. Strange – 1 March 2019 (Dystopian/Reverse Harem)

CELESTIA – Unicorn Blessed Box Set by Yumoyori Wilson – 1 March 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Smoke and Wishes (Best Wishes Book 1) by A.J. Macey – 1 March 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)



Dragon Blood by Katie Cherry – 28 February 2019 (Paranormal Fantasy)

Adventure (Tales of Naimonet Book 1) by Thalia Blake – 28 February 2019 (YA Fantasy)

Virgo Rising (A Reverse Harem Fantasy Novel) (The Afflicted Zodiac Book 1) by M.J. Marstens – 28 February 2019 (Fantasy Romance/Reverse Harem)

Rebellious Hood (Red Hood Chronicles #4) by Kendrai Meeks – 28 February 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Creation: The Lost Children World Book 2 by Krista Street – 28 February 2019 (Paranormal Fantasy)

Gifted: (The Dreg Trilogy Book Two) by Bethany Hoeflich – 28 February 2019 (YA Paranormal Fantasy)

Claiming the Evil Dead: (Soul Catcher #1) by Mary Abshire – 28 February 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance)

Captivated: A Limited Edition Reverse Harem Collection by Joely Sue Burkhart, Laura Greenwood, Skye MacKinnon, Keira Blackwood, Liza Street, Nikki Landis, Helen Scott, Tigris Eden, Rene Folsom, Carma Haley Shoemaker – 26 February 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Wolf’s Rise (Victoria Brigham Book 4) by D.N. Hoxa – 26 February 2019 (Urban Fantasy)


Red Cold Snow (Gothic Shorts Book 2) by Michael W. Huard – 26 February 2019 (Gothic Fairytales)

Immortal Desires by Melanie James, Lia Davis, A.K Michaels, Madison Sevier, Heather Hildenbrand, Rebecca Rivard, Bella Roccaforte, Monica La Porta, Jennifer Theriot, Susan Griscom, N.L. Hoffmann, Nicole Garcia, S. J. Pierce, CJ Hartnett, Casey Hagen, D.J. Bryce, Cora A. Murray, Christina Escue, Elaine Barris – 26 February 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Hex Bound (Hillcrest Supernaturals Book 3) by Ben Alderson, Danielle Rose – 26 February 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

We’re All Lost: A Steamy Shifter Romance (Blood Bound Book 3) by Dyrion Knight – 26 February 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Legacy (The Aria Knight Chronicles Book 3) by Alesha Escobar, Samantha LaFantasie – 25 February 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Ebba-Viva Fairisles: Dynami’s Wrath (Pirates of Felicity Book 4) by Kelly St Clare – 24 February 2019 (YA Fantasy)


Of Wolves and Witches: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (Arcane Arts Academy Book 1) by Elena Lawson – 23 February 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Heart of Bastion: Book Four Of The Heart Of The Citadel by Susan Faw – 22 February 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

Fifth Round (The Renegade Dragons Book 2) by Arizona Tape, Laura Greenwood – 21 February 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Dragon Chameleon: Silver Eyes (Dragon Chameleon #5) by Sarah K.L. Wilson – 20 February 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

Saphire Scales (The Scarlet Dragon Saga Book 3) by J.P. Rice – 19 February 2019 (Urban Fantasy)


Scorched: Siren Prophecy 2 (Shifter Academy) by Tricia Barr, Jesse Booth, Angel Leya, Joanna Reeder, Alessandra Jay – 19 February 2019 (YA Paranormal Fantasy)

The Way of Thieves : An Epic Fantasy Adventure (The Red Rogue Trilogy Book 1) by K.N. Lee, Craig A. Price Jr. – 19 February 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

Her Dark Defenders: Breath of Air (The Darkness of Light Book 1) by Nala Kingsley – 19 February 2019 (Urban Fantasy/Reverse Harem)

Death: YA Dark Urban Fantasy (Tattooed Angels Trilogy Book 3) by Valerie Willis – 18 February 2019 (YA Dark Urban Fantasy)

WOLF LOVER (Claiming My Pack Series Book 3) by Yumoyori Wilson – 17 February 2019 (Paranormal Romance)


Blaze of Glory: A Dystopian Reverse Harem Romance (Renegade Archives Book 3) by C.J. Strange – 16 February 2019 (Dystopian/Reverse Harem)

Born in Magic (The Fae Queen Book 1) by Basia Pike – 16 February 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

The Lasts: And the Hall of Mirrors by Tabitha Scott – 15 February 2019 (YA Urban Fantasy)

Nocturna League: The Mermaid’s Tear (Nocturna League #6) by Kell Inkston – 15 February 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

Binding Rayne (Keepers of the Talisman Book 1) by Rowan Thalia – 14 February 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Realm of Mortals: An Epic Fantasy Adventure with Mythical Beasts (Legend of the Nameless One Book 2) by Angela J. Ford – 14 February 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

Hunters and Prey: These Alpha Females Don’t Need Saving by May Sage, Yumoyori Wilson, Domino Taylor, Emma Alisyn, Erin Bedford, JC Andrijeski, Emma Dean, Debbie Cassidy – 12 February 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy/Sci-fi Romance)


The Queen’s Protectors: A Throne of Blood Book 1 by Scarlett Snow – 12 February 2019 (Dark Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)

Blood Apprentice: An Elemental Legacy Novel by Elizabeth Hunter – 12 February 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Midnight’s Son (Darkling Mage Book 5) by Nazri Noor – 12 February 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Danger’s Fate (Holly Danger #6) by Amanda Carlson – 11 February 2019 (Dystopian)

Poisoned in Light (The Dragori Series Book 3) by Ben Alderson – 11 February 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

Belle of the Ball (Gothic Tales Book 2) by Michael W. Huard – 8 February 2019 (Gothic Fairytales)


Two Witches and a Whiskey (The Guild Codex: Spellbound Book 3) by Annette Marie – 8 February 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Magical Arts Academy: Powers Unleashed (Magical Arts Academy Book 13) by Lucia Ashta – 7 February 2019 (YA Fantasy)

Millennial Mischief (Harajuku Crows Book 1) by Kat Cotton – 7 February 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

Sellswords: High Treason (Episode 6) by T.L. Branson – 7 February (Epic Fantasy)

Dragon Chameleon: Mist of Power (Dragon Chameleon #4) by Sarah K.L. Wilson – 6 February 2019 (Epic Fantasy)

For the Power (For the Blood Book 2) by Debbie Cassidy – 5 February 2019 (Post-Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy)

Vortex Visions (Air Awakens: Vortex Chronicles Book 1) by Elise Kova – 4 February 2019 (Epic Fantasy/Romance)


Sellswords: Unlikely Allies (Episode 5) by T.L. Branson – 4 February (Epic Fantasy)

Relics and Runes: A Limited Edition Urban Fantasy and Fantasy Anthology by Heather Marie Adkins, CK Dawn, Tameri Etherton, Amir Lane, N.J. Ember, Muffy Wilson, Aiki Flinthart, Jennifer Ann Schlag, Mirren Hogan, Lee French, Kimbra Swain, Tiffany Shand, Robyn Jenkins – 3 February 2019 (Urban Fantasy)

In the Shadows: A Limited Edition Anthology by Heather Marie Adkins, Dorothy Dreyer, S. Lawrence, Brea Viragh, LA Kirk, Lyn Forester, Lexi Ostrow – 2 February 2019 (Paranormal Fantasy)

Shifted Into Love: Love Changes Everything (Volume Book 1) by Alexis Craig, Shai August, Tonja K. Johnson, Dyrion Knight, Tiffany Passmore, Phoenix Williams, Stella Williams – 1 February 2019 (Paranormal Romance)

Fallen Academy: Year Three and a Half (Fallen Academy Book 4) by Leia Stone – 1 February 2019 (YA Fantasy)

Death Card (Changer Series Book 1) by A.C. Wilds – 1 February 2019 (Paranormal Romance/Reverse Harem)