The Summer Fair by K.A. Knight


The Summer Fair in Key to My Heart Anthology available for purchase on Amazon

I loved this cute little innocent love story. This was a different side of this amazing author, I haven’t seen before. It is still her fantastic writing, but there are no usual problems or suffering, just smooth, happy, fluffy, sweetness.

Daisy is a going through the healing process after loosing her mother a year and a half ago and she just recently moved in with her father who she didn’t spend much time with growing up. And the story focuses on one afternoon when she goes to the summer fair and meets Jamie and his little sister.

The characters are great. They are sweet, loving, open and friendly, and the whole encounter is so natural, easygoing, without any forced problems. The descriptions of the fair were so vivid, it feels like the author transports the reader into the colourful world of games and candies.

As I have already read every single story this author has written, this little sweet story was a must read for me. And I loved it. Of course I did. I love every single word she writes.


More about K.A. Knight and her books is available on Goodreads and the author’s website. You can also join the author’s Facebook group.


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