Demon Claimed by Evelyn Belle

Demon Claimed in My Guardian Demon: A Demonic Paranormal Anthology available for purchase on Amazon

I have been anticipating this story so much. I love this author because she always delivers a great new story that makes me fall in love with the characters. This time was no different. I loved the story and I fell in love with the characters.

This is a supersweet story of a demon Borthrick on his first assignment guarding a human woman Kandence. Although this was not the assignment he expected, he gives it all his effort and attention. And the story ends on a really good and exciting cliffhanger, which makes me what to beg the author for a sequel.

As with her previous work, the author did a great job of setting the scene, building two worlds, developing the characters and executing a great plot to perfection. In the beginning and throughout the story, she lulls the reader in a comfortable story of two young friends who may or may not get romantically involved, and just when you think there is no suspense, boom! Surprise!

I am super excited about whatever this author writes next, and I would love to see the continuation of this story, as all the previous ones as well. Every time I read a new piece, my love for this author solidifies and my adoration grows. Thank you!


More about Evelyn Belle and her books is available on Goodreads. And you can join the author’s group in Facebook.


Teasers and images provided by the author.





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