Succubus Diaries Series by Poppy Woods



Vivi Rising (Succubus Diaries Book 1) available for purchase on Payhip

So this was a special treat from the author for her fans and  loved it so much! It is fast paced, superhot and steamy, and so full of interesting characters. I devoured it and I would love to read more.

Vivi is the best and I don’t care about her little imperfections. As I said I would love to read more Vivi anything. She is sweet, insatiable, at times careless, and I have no clue whether it’s her succubus powers leaking out of the story but she is incredibly lovable and I am not surprised people are falling over to do stuff for her.

Her carefree lifestyle and I’ll-deal’with-it-later attitude were so refreshing to read about, and so very enjoyable and relaxing. Vivi is a person living in the moment, enjoying her life. Only occasionally, she remembers her family and some painful events from the past, mostly to remind herself who she can and cannot trust.

There are some interesting characters of the male variety in this story and they have their purpose and place, but this is not a romance, or a love story, well not yet anyway. This is a story of succubus loving her life and the freedom she acquired, and not willing to let go of it.

Once you read the story you will understand what I mean by saying I love Vivi, no matter what. Thank you Poppy Woods for this little delight! I enjoyed it so much!!!!


More about Poppy Woods and her books is available on Goodreads, the author’s website, and you can sign up for her newsletter. You can also join the author’s Facebook group and the author’s swag is  available on Redbubble.


Images and teasers provided by the author.



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