Slayer of Monsters by Evelyn Belle and Jenee Robinson



Slayer of Monsters: The Quest for Medusa’s Head available for purchase on Amazon

I’ve been waiting for this story and the authors did not disappoint. This is a beautiful retelling of Perseus’ quest for Medusa’s head to save his mother from an unwanted forced marriage. It is beautifully written and the story is masterfully spun. The most interesting detail is that I am very familiar with this story and still I found myself reading in anticipation of what comes next.

I love reading stories these two authors write together. They have a wonderful way of telling stories and this one is not an exception. I love their take on Perseus, his journey and all the adventures and characters he encounters along the way. Pegasus was beautiful, Medusa was petrifying and Zeus and Athena commanded respect with their godly awesomeness.

There are many many interesting characters that Perseus meets along his very long and challenging journey, and the authors paid attention to each and every one of those characters. This is such an amazing story of an epic journey of one young man and I loved it so much.


More about Evelyn Belle and her books is available on Goodreads. And you can join the author’s group in Facebook.

More about Jenee Robinson and her books is available on Goodreads. You can also join the author’s readers group on Facebook.


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